Big Eyes Coin has been whitelisted by Metamask, could it threaten Tamadoge or Shiba Inu?

The latest news on the meme coin scene is that the booming meme token – Big Eyes Coin – has been whitelisted by Metamask. When Metamask whitelists a token or project, it ultimately means it has been verified by them. For cryptocurrency investors, this is the ultimate green flag.

Metamask is arguably the most adopted cryptocurrency wallet accepting tokens from the Ethereum and Avalanche networks as well as many others. Now Big Eyes Coin is an accepted Metamask token, giving investors peace of mind that the project is safe and sustainable. The website also states that once the token is launched, the initial liquidity pool will be locked for 2 years. This only gives early presale investors more peace of mind.

What is Big Eyes Coin and how can I buy?

Big Eyes Coin is a cute cat-inspired meme token that has a solid list of fundamentals. It holds a dedicated charity wallet (5% of token supply) which will be allocated to ocean sanctuaries. This plays into the growing tale of the Big Eyes cat and their love of fish.

The project will release an NFT collection in the second stage of its roadmap that will provide access to the “NFT Sushi Crew”. Although the details of this group are not yet known, ownership of one of these NFTs will grant the holder certain advantages and privileges in the Big Eyes community.

At present, Big Eyes is still in presale and is nearing the end of its second stage. Check this link to be taken directly to the token’s presale where you can buy with Ethereum (ETH), USDT or BNB.

Could big eyes threaten the established Shiba Inu?

Maybe that’s a hasty assertion… Shiba Inu has become so much more than just a meme piece. Shiba Inu has become a whole ecosystem in the web3, with NFTs, its DEX as well as other liquidity providing tokens like BONE.

SHIB is now a utility token, ultimately leveraging its meme status to its marketing advantage. For this reason alone, comparing Big Eyes to an established meme coin like Shiba Inu or Dogecoin is pretty redundant.

However, every cryptocurrency bull run has a different narrative and the next cycle of meme coin bulls is sure to have new undiscovered winners. For this reason, there’s no reason Big Eyes can’t explode in the next bull market with the right fundamentals and the right marketing.

Now, those are two things the Big Eyes team has in abundance. The project has strong ties to a successful PR agency, and the Twitter account is constantly increasing its exposure to the rest of Crypto Twitter and new followers through giveaways. Because of this, Big Eyes likely has a different competitor in mind…

Can Big Eyes follow the success of Tamadoge?

For those unaware, Tamadoge has been the most recent pre-sale meme token success story. Raising over $19 million, Tamadoge is about to launch and will soon be listed on a major exchange.

The pre-sale success Tamadoge is a great comparison for the kind of success Big Eyes seeks to emulate. After raising $2.5 million, there is still plenty of room for growth in the value of the token and now is the best time to buy your first Big Eyes coins.

If this has intrigued your curiosity, check out the links below and buy Big Eyes now!


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