Bill Gates attacks Web 3 and crypto!

Sat 14 January 2023 ▪ 19:00 ▪
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Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and great technology mogul, has never hidden his dislike for Web 3 and the crypto universe. He demonstrated it again during a recent “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit. It is an American community website for social discussion and news. During the exchange, he actually did not fail to pour cold water on web 3 and crypto, thus undermining the hopes of all those who dream that these two technologies will become the world’s new revolution, just like the Internet.

The American billionaire lashes out

Bill Gates: Enemy of Crypto and Web 3?

In response to a user’s question on the question of the next technological change, Bill Gates said that artificial intelligence (AI) was the most important thing. Thus, his company has invested billions of dollars in the field, which could be the biggest revolution taking place today.

In addition, the user remembered Bill Gates’ famous quote from the early 2000s about the rise of the Internet. Because many greatly overestimated its potential during the first five years, but doubted its future after ten years. The quote turned out to be very prescient after the Internet bubble.

In the process, Bill Gates warned all those who want to bet on new technological trends such as web 3 and metaverse.

Bill Gates’ reluctance to web 3 and crypto is nothing new. In fact, last June the tech mogul believed that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were based on the biggest fool theory. A bearish comment from Gates reported by UI day.

Note that in 2018, Bill Gates said he could short Bitcoin, the largest crypto in the world, if he wanted to. Likewise, he blasted Bitcoin for excessive energy consumption before softening his stance by taking a more neutral view.

Despite Gates’ anti-crypto stance, many remain hopeful about the opportunities offered by some Blockchain-based companies. And this despite the economic disasters they can create, as proven by the case of FTX of Sam Bankman-Fried.


Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and technology guru, blasted the world of financial products as well as web 3 in an exchange on Reddit. Despite its many warnings and preferences for artificial intelligence (AI), many users still maintain the desire to invest in crypto, NFTs or the metaverse.

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