Binance integrates Google Pay and Apple Pay to make buying crypto easier

Sun 1 January 2023 ▪ 13:00 ▪
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For Binance, the bear market is the best time to prove its hegemony in the cryptocurrency sector. Would CZ be tempted by the ambition of centralization like SBF? His motives mean little to some crypto enthusiasts. For them, the democratization of bitcoin is essential. They probably won’t find any downsides to its Google Pay and Apple Pay integration.

Buy cryptocurrency via Apple Pay and Google Pay

Information provided by CZ

#Binance users can now buy #cryptos using Apple Pay and Google Pay. »

December 2020, Apple Pay had partnered with Lumi to allow investors to buy cryptocurrencies without KYC. A year later, Coinbase began accepting crypto purchases through the same feature. During 2022, MetaMask and Circle have dubbed the same payment solution. That same year, also integrated Google Pay.

Before the year 2022 ended, Binance announced that “ customers can now buy cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay and Google Pay “. currently estimates that the number of Apple Pay users is around 44 million, and Google Pay is approaching 25 million.

There is no doubt that enthusiasts will see this initiative as a true blessing. In fact, it represents an improvement in the accessibility of the service and, as a consequence, a democratization of bitcoin.

The only downside is that access to this feature remains limited in certain countries.

Google Pay and Apple Pay now on Binance

Tekedia, which has already confirmed the success of this program, has compiled a list of actions to better utilize this convenience.

  • log into the Binance app;
  • choosing the option “Buy cryptos with Google Pay/Apple Pay or Exchange”;
  • currency selection via the Fiat pane in the “Trade” menu;
  • selection of “Buy cryptocurrencies” option;
  • entering the desired amount and converting fiats to cryptos;
  • purchasing assets via Google or Apple Pay;
  • confirmation and verification of information;

Once the transaction is completed, users will be redirected to the Apple Pay or Google Pay transaction page. All that remains is the payment confirmation, the corresponding information of which will be displayed on the screen. Don’t be surprised if the wallet appears after the payment is completed.

Thanks to this Binance initiative, around sixty million Google Pay and Apple Pay users can afford cryptocurrencies. If has argued that the number of crypto holders will double by 2023, CZ and his team have something to do with it.

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