Binance will launch an online game for football fans with $1 million in rewards!

Binance is about to launch a new online challenge for global football fans, with $1 million in potential rewards. In addition to tokens worth $1 million, Binance Football Fever offers a host of other additional benefits.

These include a limited edition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as well as premium club experiences such as training ground tours. Additionally, football fans will also have the chance to physically interact with their favorite players in matchmaking sessions.

Binance’s new soccer initiative is set to launch on November 7th. The underlying goal of the project is to connect people across the world together and foster the football community. The leading crypto exchange says fans can start playing by first claiming their free NFT Passports from November 7. Additionally, fans will also be required to submit predictions of upcoming matches to support their favorite teams between November 11 and December 18.

Binance Football Fever Delivers Inaugural Web3 Experience

The Binance Football Fever 2022 initiative will be the first Web3 experience of its kind, backed by blockchain technology. Popular sports brands already in this offering include SS Lazio, FC Porto, Santos FC as well as Formula 1 team BWT Alpine F1® Team. Additionally, new users and Binance Fan token holders also enjoy special bonuses and in-game multipliers.

Lisa He, Head of NFT and Fan Tokens at Binance, commented on this football initiative:

“Fans around the world will tune in to watch this historic tournament and we are thrilled to be able to make these celebrations even more memorable.”

Additionally, He provided more exposition on the crypto exchange’s sports-focused scheme, saying:

“Not only is it a great way to feel part of the action and have fun, but players have the opportunity to win amazing prizes, totally unique experiences and collectible NFTs. To make this experience even more special and allow fans to celebrate it with others, fans can also invite others to the game and challenge them to have fun together.”

Additionally, users can log in to or the Binance app for further guidance. For example, new Binance users can sign up for a trial that will allow them to participate in the daily challenge. Holders of an existing Binance account can participate unlimitedly, provided they have configured their NFT passport.

the Binance Fan Token

The Binance Fan Token is a utility token that facilitates the holder’s experience. For example, it acts as a way for teams and brands around the world to interact with their fans. In addition to the monetary benefits and rewards they provide, Binance Fan tokens also confer special privileges on holders. These include exercising exclusive voting rights on certain fan-only club decisions.

Users can access Binance Fan tokens through fiat and crypto purchases.

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