Bitcoin Savings: Discover the Massive Protection Weapon Against the Next FTX

Un plan B for everyone – For 2 years now have Journal du Coin offer to his readers to establish a bitcoin programmed savings plan thanks to’Corner savingsborn after a partnership established with the regulated French actor StackinSat. The topic is more relevant than ever as the crypto winter continues to strengthen. Do not hesitate any longer and get started with the automatic purchase of Bitcoin at the frequency you want! Thus, you will accumulate precious satoshis during these somewhat gloomy times.

Programmed Investment: Method chosen to level the unit cost price of an asset

Widely known under the term DCA corresponding to the English acronym Dollar cost averaging »programmed investing consists of buying at regular intervals a fixed amount of any financial asset.

In other words, this method allows you to‘buy a larger quantity of units when the price of the asset is undervalued and Vise versa to buy a smaller quantity when the price of the asset is overvalued. You thus take full advantage of periods of decline and passively reduce your investment during periods of euphoria. This method is particularly relevant in connection with a volatile market, such as Bitcoin still very young and immature.

Programmed savings smooth the cost price downwards by underweighting purchases made during periods of overvaluation – Source: Medium

It is a method has proven itself and which has the advantage of requires only a limited amount time and attention. You naturally optimize the average purchase price of the invested asset and avoid the tough dilemma that constitutes the optimal entry point in a market.

Furthermore, automating your investment allows you to protect yourself from the famous FOMOFear of missing out – reflects the psychological bias that encourages investors to gain exposure to an asset that is undergoing a rally that is already well under way. Very often, doing so risks running you out, and the end result is a disappointing bottom line.

Applied to a market with a long-term growth trend, creating a DCA is thus a proven strategy.

As such, the implementation of a programmed recurring purchase strategy particularly suitable for anyone who wants to invest without spending their time and energy in technical analysis and trading, which by the way does not provide any guarantee of results.

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As every year, the 3rd of January is celebrated as the day of the celebration of “Proof of Keys” (proof of keys) whose purpose is to bring to the fore the crucial importance of personally and directly owning one’s bitcoins. In other words, to be in possession of the private key that makes it possible to interact with said BTC.

This initiative originated from a group of Bitcoin HODLers, “HODLers of Last Resort ». As a reminder, a person who HOLDs keeps his assets for the long term without ever getting rid of them.

The date was not chosen at random and refers to the first block of the Bitcoin network, otherwise called “Genesis Block” and mined on 3 January 2009. Incidentally, 3 January 2020 is also the day StackinSat was registered.

The purpose of the event is trick users of the Bitcoin network into withdrawing their coins from exchanges to store them without a trusted third party, while celebrating the birth of the first decentralized electronic payment network operating peer-to-peer.

If you want to support the initiative, you can associate the designation [ Jan / 3 ➞ ₿ 🔑 ∎ ] to your Twitter profile.

not your keys, not your coin Bitcoin

StackinSat is a French company, regulated and registered withM.F.A to the extent Digital Asset Service Provider (PSAN). Founded in Biarritz in January 2020 by Jonathan Herscovici, Josselin Tonnellier and Mathieu Gilardet, the start-up wants to democratize access to Bitcoin for as many people as possible. She is especially the cause of the event Surfing Bitcointhe first gathering on the French mainland around Bitcoin and its major problems, the third edition of which took place last August in Biarritz.

Offered in collaboration with StackinSat, The corner savings offer is “not custodial”, implying that the company never holds bitcoins on behalf of its customers. You must therefore have a personal Bitcoin address before any registration.

To set up your programmed Bitcoin savings plan, complete the registration process by going to Homepage. choose “opening an account” at the top right of the page, let yourself be guided. You must indicate whether you are a private person or a professional, and then give name, first name, Date of birth and phone number.

Coin savings registration process simplified as much as possible

Once this step is complete, you will be prompted to enter amount and frequency desired investments. To validate the effective implementation of the programmed investment in Bitcoin, all you have to do is schedule a recurring bank transferfrom your personal bank account and to the business account displayed on the interface.

It will be necessary to carry out an identity verification per KYC before any purchase of BTC.

Note that this is a service without commitment. It is thus possible suspend the investment plan at any time to restart it later. It is also possible to carry out one-time purchase complementary at any time, or to have several investment plans according to your needs: pensions, housing, travel for example.

Of 1.5% fixed fee is taken during each bank transfer, shared between Journal du Coin and StackinSat. The minimum investment is set at 10 euros per month. StackinSat also offers a service of custody of 2.5% against 1.5% for direct delivery. To celebrate Proof Of Keys, the French firm is also offering free withdrawal for clients in custody.

StackinSat performs transaction aggregation to reduce transaction fees. The company publishes all transactions from Monday to Friday between 18:00 and 19:00.

In a context of increasing inflation, which nothing seems to be able to slow down, it is high time to take an interest in alternative investment solutions and consider different savings goals. Whether it’s your personal savings or your cherubs, Bitcoin represents an opportunity that it would be a shame to deprive yourself of. Coin savings are I’ideal instrument to intelligently expose oneself to the future’s ultimate store of digital value.

January 3 is an important date for the king of cryptocurrencies. Tomorrow or someday you will be glad you bought some during the crypto winter. Don’t wait any longer to prepare for the future, sign up for Corner Savings and buy Bitcoin with confidence (commercial link).

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