Bitcoin: The Lightning Network victim of a critical bug

Attention, Lightning is under construction – Although the Lightning Network (LN) passes regularly positive steps in its adoption, it is still in the construction and testing phase. A serious bug affecting the lightning network LND node operators of Bitcoin (BTC) to force its developers to exit in disaster a fix to restart the seized machine.

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Flaw causes Lightning Network nodes to desynchronize

the Lightning Network is a second layer solution (layer 2) of the network Bitcoin. It allows the latter to be relieved of micro-transactions, thanks to almost zero costs and an almost instantaneous speed.

This November 1, 2022, a update of the Lightning Network LND Node Operators Software Client had to be released in emergency. Indeed, a critical bug caused a desynchronization LND nodes

Fortunately, Lightning Labs, the main developers of the LN, were therefore able to react quickly. the patch v0.15.4fixing the flaw, could be deployed only three hours after the desynchronization.

Obviously, according to a Cointelegraph publication, the bug would have been voluntarily provoked. In this case, by the developer nicknamed burak. His intention, although somewhat radicalwas not a priori not maliciousand aims to improve the Lightning Network.

It was this same developer Burak who had pinpointed another bug of the Lightning Network in early October. Fortunately, this flaw did not have could not be exploited by hackers, because it would have allowed funds to be stolen from the Lightning network.

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