Black Friday: Ledger offers you $30 in Bitcoin and protects your cryptos

The weather is chilly in the markets and the air fund is even downright freezing on the front of the exchanges. And, between the platforms that have collapsed and those showing worrying signs of weakness, it has never seemed so compelling toe repatriate your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on solutions that are secure and sheltered from the storm. In this context, ledger, the undisputed leader in the “cold storage” sector, is launching an exceptional operation: bonuses in bitcoins offered for any purchase of equipment on its store. Please note, this offer will only last a few days!

With Ledger, protect your cryptocurrencies, get bitcoin

The timing is obviously perfect for a particularly enticing offer which begins this morning and will only last a short week.

ledgerthe undisputed French unicorn benchmark for secure storage of crypto assets, has just taken Black Friday as an excuse to unveil an operation that will be talked about.

Indeed, only this week, each Ledger hardware wallet purchase will come with a bitcoin reward of $20 or $30.

>> I claim my Ledger key AND a bonus of $20 or $30 in bitcoin! (commercial link) <<

Ledger Weight Category

In fact, any purchase this week of a hardware wallet Ledger Nano X Where S PLUS will come with a Bitcoin Reward Card.

  • $20 for the purchase of a Ledger Nano S PLUS
  • $30 for a Nano X
Ledger’s heavy offerings

Once in possession of their new digital safe and their bitcoin reward cardusers will only have to claim their precious satoshis via the Ledger Live interface in order to put them in the same movement, immediately sheltered from the din of the crypto world, its bankruptcies and its resounding hacks.

It will be recalled that Ledger products allow the storage of a very large number of digital assets (more than 5500!), but also of your NFT. For a complete overview of the products, this article reaches out to you.

Not your keys, not your coins » do we constantly hear and repeat, without always taking full measure of the absolute necessity of being fully in control of one’s assets. With this great operation, no more excuses not to take the plunge, while killing two birds with one stone by getting back in possession of your first satoshis! To take advantage of this exceptional opportunity, it’s here (commercial link).

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