Blood created in the laboratory transfused into volunteers and it is a world first

A team of English researchers transfused humans with synthetic blood, derived from red blood cells grown in the laboratory.

Make up for the lack of blood

While blood reserves are too low in France, scientists may have found the solution by launching a revolutionary clinical trial. They transfused 2 participants with laboratory-grown red blood cells.

We hope that our red blood cells will live longer than those of blood donors

Cambridge University Professor Cedric Ghevaert is very hopeful with this new possibility: “We hope that our lab-grown red blood cells will live longer than those from blood donors. If our trial, the first of its kind in the world, is successful, it will mean that patients who need regular blood transfusions will need them less often in the future, transforming their treatment“.

These red blood cells were taken from blood provided by voluntary donors. Cultivated in the laboratory, the red blood cells are fresh, indicates the Professor, specifying that out of culture a bag of blood ‘lived’ about 120 days.

They have no adverse side effects

To date, the two recipient volunteers are in good shape and remain closely monitored: ‘They have no undesirable side effects’ and are doing well, it is specified in a note. Other candidates will receive 2 mini-transfusions at least four months apart, one of standard donated red blood cells and the other of lab-grown red blood cells to find out if lab-made red blood cells last longer than blood cells made in the body.

Rare blood groups

The scientists thus hope to be able to soon be able to offer treatment for patients with rare blood groups or people with complex transfusion needs.

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