BNB Chain partners with Google Cloud to develop Web3 projects

As part of the development of its ecosystem, BNB Chain has entered into an agreement with Google Cloud. This partnership aims to accelerate the growth of Web3 projects that are built on this blockchain.é-google-cloud-developper-projets-web3/

BNB Chain partners with Google Cloud

The BNB Chain formalized a partnership with Google Cloud with the aim of “accelerating the growth of Web3”. If this announcement can make you smile as Google is associated with Web2, it is a reality that the company is heavily invested in the blockchain ecosystem.

The objective of this agreement is to give keys to new projects, by supporting them in their development. Indeed, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud notably offers data analysis features that may be of interest to 1,300 decentralized applications (dApps) of the BNB Chain.

James Tromans, Director of Web 3.0 at Google Cloud, was excited about the possibilities of this new partnership:

“We look forward to working with BNB Chain to provide Web3 builders with the cleanest cloud infrastructure on which to develop and scale their applications. This builds on our existing work to meet our clients’ needs to develop, transact, store value, and deploy new products on blockchain-based platforms. »

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Google’s growing interest in blockchain technologies

The “existing work” referred to by James Tromans relates to Google’s growing interest in blockchain. This involves, among other things, building a team specially dedicated to Web 3.0, as we were able to tell you about earlier in the year.

Thus, Google Cloud is able to provide all the necessary infrastructure to hosting and maintaining validation nodes for a multitude of blockchains. This can still raise questions about the centralization of a network.

On the other hand, this partnership could constitute a lever for project promoters. BNB Chain announces for example that certain eligible initiatives will be able to benefit financial support, as well as mentoring from the Google Cloud teams.

This novelty is therefore a continuation of the partnerships and developments of BNB Chain, to continue to build its ecosystem.

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Source: BNB Chain

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