Bordeaux-Bègles wins without brilliance against Castres

The game: 33-12

Even if they did their best to bring the ball to life and increase playing time, the Bordelais did not know how to transform their attacks into winning actions, except after the siren… Played at a false rhythm, polluted by too many penalties on each side, this opening match of the third day did not really keep its promises. The fact remains that the UBB finally manages to win a match, and that is all that the Bordeaux supporters will remember, having come in large numbers to Chaban-Delmas under a summer sun.

In the first period, considering the Girondine domination ineffective, not much interesting happened, except for the displayed desire of the UBB to align the playing times built, certainly sharp, but always badly ended lack of control over the first support on the ground in an offensive situation. This is how the score was only 6-3, Mathieu Jalibert having scored two penalty goals (3rd, 33rd), before on a carried ball, the UBB pack, supported by his three-quarters , sends his hooker Maxime Lamothe into the Tarn in-goal (40th + 2nd).

Thus led at the break (11-3), the Castres continued to add up the penalties, enough to allow Maxime Lucu to add three goals (44th, 53rd, 61st) to give a little oxygen to his team (20- 6), unable to free himself from the Tarn vice. In a very mixed composition, the Castres only had one test opportunity, and still not very frank, at the hour of play, the basketball pass delivered by Josaia Raisuqe ending with a goal. before Filipo Nakosi…

What followed was a dull litany of fouls and approximations, penalty goals and yellow cards (63rd against Girondin prop Tameifuna, 72nd against Castres prop De Benedittis), until the powerful international winger Italian Frederico Mori manages to close this meeting on a positive note by overflowing to score on the final action (80th + 1), spectacular certainly, but much too late.


The number of penalties whistled against Castres Olympique, including ten in the second half.

The fact: when the UBB harvests its highlights

In the first period and seven times between the 7th and 35th, the Girondins found themselves in the scoring area, carried by strong times. But they were heavily penalized, especially on the ground, where the Tarn scratchers were the quickest to intervene. In the second half, the Bordelais only managed to register their second try beyond regulation time (80th + 1), previously wasting two clear chances (59th, 66th).


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