Bordeaux take second place in Ligue 2 from Sochaux

The match: 2-1

In the event of victory, Sochaux had the option of relegating his opponent to 5 lengths. The Cubs intended not to let her go. Preferred to Aldo Kalulu before the match, Gaëtan Weissbeck marked himself with the captain’s armband. Well switched in the area, he armed a dangerous shot at the near post which was deflected by Poussin (22nd). Another distant attempt from the Sochaux champion to play (24th) proved that Sochaux dominated the start of the game.

Everything changed half an hour into the game. Alone at the far post, Josh Maja opened the scoring from a corner taken by Vital Nsimba (31st). Stunned, Olivier Guégan’s men even saw Bordeaux double their lead (32nd) thanks to Zuriko Davitashvili’s second goal of the season. Capitalizing on some good work from Dilane Bakwa, the 21-year-old Georgian eliminated Faussurier and beat Prevot with a cross. Euphorically, Bordelais even missed 3-0 on a too-crossed header from Aliou Badji (41st).

The start of the second period was similar to the first. Sochaux dominated and Bordeaux were content to show their speed and realism on the counter-attack. Their persistence finally paid off on the hour mark. After a clever retreat from Weissbeck’s head, Kanouté armed a volley on the ground, leaving Poussin stoic (59.).

In pursuit of an equaliser, Sochaux could even benefit from a numerical superiority. Barely into the game, the young Bordelais Logan Delaurier-Chaubet was actually sent off due to an overflow of commitment on Weissbeck (74th). This sending off allowed Sochaux to attack in numbers, making the final minutes suffocate the Bordeaux side. But bravely David Guion’s men never gave up and ended a run of three games without a win.

The Player: Poussin can be proud as a rooster

Sometimes criticized for his lapses in concentration, Gaëtan Poussin was particularly alert this Friday against Sochaux. He was called up from the 3rd minute and he was promptly in front of Sissoko. Proactive on Weissbeck’s various attempts, he allowed his team to maintain their lead at the break. Although he could not do anything on the only Sochaux goal, the goalkeeper trained at the club produced a successful performance marked by 4 saves. Only drawback, his risky intervention at the end of the match, which could have cost him dearly. The judge, Mr. Kherradji, however, judged that there was no contact between the Bordeaux goalkeeper and Alvero.


This is the number of minutes played by Logan Delaurier-Chaubet. Entering the match in the 68th minute in place of Davitashvili, the 2002 generation youngster was sent off six minutes later for a foul on Weissbeck.


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