Bournemouth-Lorient, a connection not due to chance…

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Seventh of location of League 1, Lorient has an excellent financial year 2022/2023. But this winter the coal mules may lose two of their holders. Yesterday, we exclusively revealed to you that the Breton club were in the process of selling their young midfielder Dango Ouattara (age 20) to Bournemouth in exchange for €27.5M ! An XXL sum which has challenged more than one. But that’s not all. Seventeenth of location in the Premier League, the English formation would not stop there and would also like to attract another young talent from the FCL, Enzo Le Fée, into their net. Negotiations are even already underway.

Coals and cherries in the same galaxy

Seeing the same club wanting to recruit more players from another team is nothing new. But in between Bournemouth and Lorient, these transactions are not really due to chance. On January 13, Les Merlus issued the following announcement on their official website: “FC Lorient announces the signing of a strategic partnership with Bill Foley and Black Knight Football and Entertainment (BKFE). FC Lorient today announces the signing of a partnership agreement with BKFE, a company specializing in sports under the management of William P. Foley II Through this agreement, BKFE and listed company Cannae Holdings will become minority shareholders in the FC Lorient group over the coming weeks.

Lorient, Strasbourg and Augsburg tried Sekou Mara

But this William P. Foley II, aka Bill Foley, is quite simply the new boss of… Bournemouth! It is clear that the American boss of BKFE is in the process of creating a galaxy of clubs with the aim of following in the footsteps of the famous City Football Group. “We are delighted to announce today this strategic partnership agreement at Lorient. Loïc Féry has helped make FC Lorient a top club. He has successfully presided over the destinies of FC Lorient for 14 years and will be an excellent partner in the development of ​​a group of leading football clubs with BKFE. I look forward to working with Loïc and his team to accelerate the success of FC Lorient and BKFE.”Foley declared on January 13.

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Foley, an estimated fortune of 1.2 billion

For those more curious, as Lorient states in its press release, is BKFE “a consortium majority-owned by Cannae Holdings Inc (CNNE: NYSE), a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange with long-term interests in various sectors such as technology services, hotels and professional sports. » A consortium in which we therefore find Bournemouth, but also American hockey teams such as Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) and Henderson Silver Knights (Hockey League), hotels (Les Mars and Chalkboard Restaurant in Healdsburg, California, Hotel Californian) or restaurants (Sortsort in Santa Barbara). A galaxy of flagship services from Foley Entertainment Group founded in 2021.

Finally, who is this Bill Foley? At the age of 78, this Las Vegas-based American has a fortune estimated at $1.2 billion, according to the latest Forbes ranking for 2022. The 2076th richest person in the world, according to American media, Foley created an insurance policy in 1984 and was president of Black Night, a software company. After becoming a specialist in the acquisition and sale of businesses, Foley particularly distinguished himself by founding the $500 million Vegas Golden Knights hockey team. A good move since the team was launched in the NHL in 2017 and reached the Stanley Cup Finals in 2018.

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