Bronchiolitis epidemic: what is the Orsan plan, launched on Wednesday by the Minister of Health?

Faced with hospitalization rates not seen for 10 years, the Minister of Health has decided to activate the Orsan plan, equivalent to the “white plan”, at the national level to manage the particularly virulent Bronchiolitis epidemic this year. Here’s what changes.

While the Bronchiolitis epidemic is panicking with historically high hospitalization rates that we had not seen for nearly 10 years, the Minister of Health took up the subject in order to curb the epidemic. . This Wednesday, November 9 and while Public Health France indicates that 50% of hospitalizations for children under two are for Bronchiolitis, François Braun announced the implementation of the Orsan plan.

What’s this ?

Orsan for organizing the response of the health system in exceptional health situations. Understand behind the acronym an emergency plan that is activated only when the situation requires it.

During the height of the Covid epidemic, the “white plan” in hospitals had been activated several times. Same principle here. The latter concerns hospitals and clinics. These establishments must have a crisis unit that can be mobilized in less than 45 minutes, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, to deal with a sudden and massive influx of patients.

These crisis mechanisms must therefore have been developed upstream. The “Help guide for the preparation and management of hospital tensions and exceptional health situations” of the Ministry of Health indicates that this crisis unit brings together “the main managers of the establishment responsible for coordinating all the services medical, technical and administrative.

priority problem

In concrete terms, the Orsan plan makes it possible to reorganize the “care offer” quickly and to mobilize the vital forces of an establishment on a specific problem, here Bronchiolitis. It can, for example, result in the opening of new beds and the recall of certain caregivers.

François Braun wants “to allow the entire hospital to focus on this particularly acute problem today”, he announced to the Senate.

Faced with unprecedented levels of hospitalization for 10 years, caused by the bronchiolitis epidemic, I activated the ORSAN plan today. We are strengthening the means of each region to support caregivers and provide care for children and families.

— Francois Braun (@FrcsBraun) November 9, 2022

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