Bronchiolitis, flu and Covid: Masks, vaccination, barrier gestures… What measures to prevent the triple epidemic from spoiling the end of year celebrations?

As France faces three rising epidemics in recent weeks, the government is giving a few booster shots.

Questioned in the National Assembly by the deputy Horizons of Corsica, Laurent Marcangeli, Elisabeth Borne, Prime Minister, developed the list of measures and recommendations taken to deal with the resurgence of cases of Covid, influenza and bronchiolitis.

With “40,000 cases per day, +10% hospitalizations over a week, +22% critical care admissions and 400 deaths last week, the Covid figures show that the epidemic is still striking and killing again”, a indicated Elisabeth Borne.

“The hospital is under pressure because it also has to deal with the highest bronchiolitis epidemic in the last 10 years and a particularly virulent seasonal flu”. Thus, 5 regions have already entered the pre-epidemic stage and the first effects are being felt on the country’s healthcare system.

Faced with this triple threat to the hospital, Elisabeth Borne announced “the initiation of the Orsan plan which makes it possible to mobilize all the staff and increase the capacity for care”. Not to mention “the mobilization by the ARS and the prefects to coordinate the actors of the territories even better”.

Wearing a mask in public transport recommended

For Elisabeth Borne, other more individual measures must be taken to limit the excessive epidemic rebound before the end of the year holidays.

Thus, the Prime Minister calls for “respect for barrier gestures”. “Let’s wear the mask when we are with fragile people or in crowded areas such as on public transport”. “These small gestures save lives, we know it, and they are decisive”.

Vaccination at half mast

The other axis to limit the consequences of this triple epidemic remains vaccination against influenza and against Covid. “Vaccination against the flu is too low this year and only 10% of the targeted public (+60 years old, the most fragile and caregivers) had a booster dose against Covid. However, we know with certainty that vaccination against the Covid saves lives and protects the hospital”, recalled the Prime Minister.
A charge against the debate for the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers

Finally, Elisabeth Borne, without ever quoting him, returned to the recent debate in the Assembly on the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers, which “the overwhelming majority of caregivers ask us to reject with force”.

During her speech, she largely charged the deputies who spoke for the reintegration of caregivers in recent days. “We will not make decisions that endanger caregivers and our hospital. We will always be on the side of science. We assume not to take purely demagogic measures”.

Elisabeth Borne who says she has “heard terrifying remarks in recent days, some of which border on obscurantism”. “I did not think that defending science, in the country of Pasteur, would lend itself to such lively debates. Your screams will not make us back down. We will always choose science and responsibility and we will always be at the side of caregivers and patients. “.

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