Bronchiolitis: steps to protect your child from the risk of contamination

While France is facing an epidemic of bronchiolitis unprecedented in its magnitude and its precocity, the Occitanie regional health agency recalls the gestures which make it possible to protect your baby and avoid contaminating it.

Protecting your baby from the bronchiolitis virus, and, beyond that, from winter viruses, flu and gastroenteritis, not to mention Covid: “Simple preventive measures can reduce the risk of contamination and limit the impact on our health system”, indicates the Occitanie regional health agency.

To protect your child, it is thus recommended to “wash your hands regularly or use a hydroalcoholic solution”, “cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief”, “blow your nose in a single-use handkerchief and throw it away”, “wear a mask when you are sick” and finally “ventilate the rooms regularly”, “at least ten minutes a day”, specifies Public Health France.

“Avoid confined public places”

Public Health France specifies which adds that it is necessary “to avoid, when possible, taking your child to confined public places such as public transport or shopping centers”, “not to share bottles, pacifiers or cutlery not washed”, “wash toys and cuddly toys regularly”.

In its bulletin of November 7, Public Health France reports 417 emergency visits for children under two years old for the first week of the month, 158 babies had to be hospitalized. The SOS doctors network has, at the same time, established 64 diagnoses of bronchiolitis.

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