bulletproof vests manufactured near Langres on the Ukrainian front

In Violot, near Langres, in Haute-Marne, the start-up Pangolin has been manufacturing flexible bulletproof vests since the beginning of 2020 and adapted to all morphologies. A technology that has also seduced the Ukrainian army.

In a shed in the middle of the Haute-Marne countryside, in Violot near Langres, Omar Abdelhamid’s sewing machine is running at full speed. Less than five minutes to perfect the seams of one of the bulletproof vests manufactured by the start-up Pangolin, of which he is one of the founding partners. At first glance, the gesture is mastered and the routine well in place, however after a few initial unsuccessful attempts.

First, we broke a few sewing machines! These are fibers that are not made to be perforated, in principle (they are used to make bulletproof vests), so we had to contact people who specialize in sewing machines, and try to sew layer after layer.

Omar Abdelhamid, founding partner of Pangolin

Among the clients of Omar Abdelhamid and his associates: the Ukrainian army. She was won over by the technology offered by the Haut-Marnaise start-up.

The start-up’s priority was to create vests that were wearable on a daily basis and did not encumber their owners.

Buying very effective protection, but heavy, uncomfortable and thick and which does not adapt to the morphology, is like buying nothing, since people are not going to wear this protection. We have worked hard on the issue of user comfort.

Benjamin Delcourt, president of the Pangolin company

The materials used are European, in particular to facilitate supply. “We saw it when the war broke out in Ukrainerelates Benjamin Delcourt, president of the company, we could only work with suppliers with whom we had long relationships, and they were only European“.

Since the creation of the start-up Pangolin almost three years ago, 2000 bulletproof vests have been distributed, the vast majority to the municipal police, the gendarmerie, private protection and the personnel of the Ministry of the Interior.

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