Bump.sh raises 4 million euros to decomplexify API ecosystems

Posted Nov 9, 2022, 8:30 AMUpdated Nov. 9, 2022, 9:44 a.m.

By consulting Facebook or Instagram, we unknowingly use an API, an application programming interface. The API is “a gateway that allows two information systems or components of a system to communicate with each other”, sums up Sébastien Charrier, president and founder of Bump.sh. Based in Angers, the start-up has just raised 4 million euros for its new tools which make it possible to cope with the explosion in the number of APIs and the increasing complexity of the ecosystems in which they proliferate. The round table brings together the Galion.exe fund, Bpifrance, via its Digital Venture fund and a circle of business angels.

“From 200 million today, there could be more than a billion APIs by 2030,” recalls Sébastien Charrier, stressing that only 50% of them will be properly managed in 2025. “The web is becoming a API sandbox and computer systems themselves are breaking up into smaller systems that need APIs to communicate,” he summarizes. What’s more, the Rest technology on which 90% of APIs were based is no longer alone. The major players are pushing their own technologies, such as Facebook with Graph or LinkedIn with Kafka.

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