Business and industry: why adopt Crystalchain technology?

They no longer focus on aggressive ads to buy their food products, clothes, etc. They rather seek to have all the possible information on a product before putting it in their basket.

Thus, a company capable of providing its customers with all the possible data on its products will stand out from the competition and boost its sales. So why not adopt Crystalchain’s technology?

Here are the reasons to make Crystalchain’s technology your true marketing tool.

What to remember about Crystalchain?

Founded in 2006, Crystalchain supports companies and industries by offering them technological solutions. It aims to help them develop growth strategies personalized in order to improve their brand image.

In other words, Crystalchain employs state-of-the-art technology such as blockchain and NFTs to optimize business visibility. For greater efficiency and compliance, this process is subject to the regulations of the CSR and ESG laws.

What is the specialty of the Crystalchain company?

As you will discover on its platform, the company Crystalchain specializes in the issue of product traceabilityindustrial processes or compliance with CSR standards.

In fact, it created its platform on the basis of Blolckchain technology to simplify the data collection and analysis to businesses and industries.

This platform allows the transfer of information on the dashboard of companies. Better, the data is well structured so that organizations can easily access it.

In addition, the information collected at each level of production is linked together to simplify its analysis. It is for this reason that Crystalchain technology guarantees the traceability of business processes and products.

What are the different services offered by Crystalchain?

The traceability solution from Crystalchain allows you to record data across the entire value chain of your company’s products. And this, in complete safety without any possibility of falsification. You can save on its platform all the actors involved in the daily exercise of your activity:

  • Suppliers;
  • Collaborators;
  • Customers, etc.

The Crystalchain platform offers you the opportunity to trace the entire production and distribution chain of your industry or business. First, it collects data about the design or production process from your suppliers.

Thereafter, it allows you to access information related to the various stages which made it possible to manufacture the final product. Then, the Crystalchain platform informs you about the various processes and activities put in place for the distribution of the final product.

In fact, with Crystalchain technology, you have the possibility ofexchange information on the activities carried out in a company. This solution therefore allows you to optimize your supply chain and promote your products to your end consumers. It is also for this reason that large companies in the food, textiles and luxury trust Crystalchain.

What are the real reasons to opt for Crystalchain Technology?

The benefits you enjoy by opting for Crystalchain technology are diverse.

Earn the trust of your consumers and customers

What are the real reasons to opt for Crystalchain Technology?

Crystalchain technology allows you to provide your consumers and customers with all the necessary information about the origin of your products.

It is a strategy that allows you to put your customers in confidence concerning transparency of your products.

Indeed, with Crystalchain’s traceability system, your consumers can monitor the production and distribution processes of your products in real time.

This allows you to prove the origin and quality of your products to your customers and consumers.

This way, they will always come back to your company to source or shop with confidence. Over time, they can become real ambassadors of your brand.

Provide answers to the various concerns of your consumers

Crystalchain technology makes it easier for your customers and consumers to access information. By adopting this technology, you offer them the opportunity to find answers to all their concerns.

This strengthens the relationship between you and your customers. In truth, with Crystalchain, you have the ability to scan a QR code on each of your products. By scanning this code using a smartphone, your customers will have access to all the useful information on the production chain.

By immersing your customers in the heart of your actions, they will know that you give them more importance. And will never stop trusting you. This will boot your salesand therefore your turnover.

In addition, the Crystalchain technology allows you to improve your supply chain. But also to adopt the good environmental approach to minimize your ecological footprint.

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