Buy your Ledger from Boulanger? Don’t get rolled in flour anymore

Be sovereign with your cryptos – The French unicorn ledger specializes in the manufacture of wallets dedicated to cryptocurrencies. The size of a USB key, these “hardware wallets” allow everyone to be guardian of their assets. No delegation to anyone, only the private key master has access. With the successive falls of Celsius, Voyager Digital and FTX this yearbornthe subject takes up more and more space.

Ledger wallets available

It’s all hot! The world leader in physical crypto wallets continues its national development. Until now, wallets were only available online. Either via the official Ledger website or via the official store on Amazon. It is now possible to buy them in Boulanger stores. Both online and in physical stores.

Ledger Nano S model

It is very likely that discussions with a chain store to distribute do not materialize in a few days. But, the media sequence opened by the fall of FTX resonates this old precept dear to cypherpunks: “ not your keys, not your crypto “.

Bitcoin was born to offer this sovereignty, although it involves some personal responsibilities such as noting its seed sentence and keep it in a safe place. To protect your wallet, no magic wand, but a hardware wallet, now available from Boulanger.

As a reminder, the purchase of equipment of this type should only be made in official shops and sales areas, whether at Ledger or another manufacturer. Indeed, some individuals try every day to resell wallets compromised upstream, in order to siphon off the wallet of the acquirer, once loaded with cryptos.

Disasters and hacks don’t just happen to others! It is better never to entrust the security of your cryptocurrencies to a third party. To sleep with peace of mind, equip yourself with a Ledger secure hardware wallet, there is something for all budgets. Your security is priceless (commercial link).

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