Can Argentina be punished?

The Argentines’ many slips in the celebration of the World Cup could not remain without consequences.

Everyone is shocked. If the players of the French team have not spoken on the subject of the sometimes exaggerated celebrations of their Argentine executioners, mocking without limits and without shame, the high officials, they no longer hesitate to proclaim their indignation. ” I wrote a letter to my colleague from the Argentine Federation, I find these excesses abnormal in the context of a sporting competition and I find it difficult to understand. It goes too far “, thunders especially with Ouest-France, the head of the FFF Noël Le Graët.

The political class does not hide its discomfort either, starting with sports minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. ” I think that’s pathetic. As much as our French team knew how to lose with panache, the way this Argentinian team acted after this victory was not worthy of the match we sawtorments the interested party on RTL’s airwaves. It’s just vulgar, inappropriate, really not up to the challenge. “Same story with Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy, who adds on Sud-Radio: ” What is FIFA doing? Sport is fair play, it is respect for others, it is respect for those who have lost, we will not add insult to disappointment. »

A possible suspension

Fifa could just act on the condition of complying with its own rules, which it did not do by rejecting the Blues’ demands at the end of the pool match against Tunisia. An applicable suspension is applicable in the event of “ unsportsmanlike conduct towards an opponent ” Where “ provocation to spectators “whether it is” on or off the pitch “, according to the international body’s disciplinary code. For his insulting or reverent words, the Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez could therefore be concerned. His coach at Aston Villa, Unai Emery, has planned to raise the issue with him in any case. ” When you feel a great emotion, it is difficult to control yourselfsaid the Spanish technician, Friday, at a press conference. I will talk to him next week about some of his celebrations. I respect that he is in the national team. Afterwards he will be with us and it will be our responsibility. We can talk about it… »

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