Canva Visual Worksuite, the new software suite, targets Google and Microsoft

Canva goes beyond its origins as an online graphic design tool. In effect, Canva showcased a series of tools it’s preparing to compete with online desktop platformsincluding a text editor that will allow you to create documents using its famous templates and available graphic elements, as well as its photo collection.

With 87 million monthly users, 10 million of whom pay their Pro membership every month, Australia-based Canva was recently valued at $40 billion, and is used by freelancers and large corporations alike. like Amazon.

It is Canva Docs, a tool designed to create documents with more visual elementswhere there’s no need to cut and paste visual content and drag it from Canva’s library of over 100 million videos, GIFs, photos, illustrations, and other visual assets.

Canva Docs is part of the Canva Visual Worksuite, and will enable real-time feedback and collaboration, making it ideal for writing meeting notes, creating team strategy documents, and much more. From Canva Docs, it will be easy to access other platform tools, such as Canva Charts and Graphstopper for easy data visualization.

It will also have a function called “Docs to Decks” which will allow you to convert a document into a presentation in a few clicks, automatically changing the format.

A big competition

Canva Visual Worksuite also includes Canvas Whiteboard, a new product designed for team collaboration. The idea is that users can access the whiteboard from within a presentation, making it possible to launch a brainstorming at any time.

Another tool in Canva Visual Worksuite is Canva Presentations, which has been updated to include a feature called Remote Control, which will help any presentation listener take control of slides with their smartphone, without relying on the presentation creator to switch. to the next slide.

Canva Video also gets a notable new feature, which gives users the ability to remove the background from a video with a single click.

Canva isn’t the only company making significant updates to its business tools this week. Zoom also announced its biggest expansion yet, including messaging and calendar apps.which aim to make it a new competitor to Google Workspace and Microsoft Office.

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