launch of the first European Think Tank

Can Europe have a real weight against the future giants of the metaverse, which will probably be American? This is one of the questions that a Think Tank created on the initiative of a Frenchman is trying to answer. Entrepreneurs, economists and experts from the metaverse will together build a collective vision intended for the … Read more

Crypto regulation: the golden Bitcoin cage made by the bankers of the Basel Committee

Cryptos brought to heel? – Whether the central banks countries or supranational financial organizations like the IMF, all wish in chorus that Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies are very severely supervised. In particular (only?) so as not to do too much competition to their fiat currency, nor disrupt their multiple monetary interventions too much. the Basel … Read more

Invest in Moshnake, Shiba Inu and Fantom for 20x potential in November

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn The use of blockchain and decentralized ledger technology has changed the banking and finance industry forever. Accessibility to various financial and investment instruments has never been easier thanks to concepts such as digital payments, smart contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). If you are new to cryptocurrency, Moshnake (MSH), Shiba Inu … Read more

Discover 3 projects supported by White Loop, the first French private blockchain investment fund

The bear market continues, but unique projects aimed at making blockchain the technology of tomorrow continue to be built. Let’s discover Ondefy, DeepSquare and Fluent, 3 promising projects evolving in sectors as varied as decentralized finance (DeFi), cloud computing or the banking system and supported by White Loop Capital, a private French investment fund specializing … Read more

The Livret A rate will drop to 3% in February 2023 – More profitable than cryptocurrencies?

The Banque de France has made the news official: the Livret A rate will not be increased until next February despite galloping inflation and rising energy costs. However, the rates of return available today for our cryptocurrencies are not more attractive or particularly difficult to find. An increase in the booklet A planned for … Read more

Bitcoin: the billionaire who offers millions of satoshis to boast Lightning Network

Saylor multiplies the satoshis – We no longer present Michael Saylor in the cryptosphere. The founder and ex-CEO of MicroStrategy became one of the strongest supporters of Bitcoin (BTC) since 2020. But Michael Saylor doesn’t just love Bitcoin, he also loves Bitcoin. Lightning Network. Michael Saylor distributes 3 million satoshis to popularize the Lightning Network … Read more

Regulation of cryptos: the MiCA regulation validated by the European Council

Crypto-disaster announced in Europe – If we exclude the bans pure and simple cryptocurrencies by certain authoritarian countries, the crypto-regulation that is announced in the European Union promises to be one of the most severe in the world. The rule Mica (Markets in Crypto-Assets) has unfortunately just taken one more step before its implementation. >> … Read more

Big Eyes Coin secures the launch of Tier 1 CEX! Should Top Crypto Dogs Like Bitcoin And Ethereum Worry About This Meme Coin?

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn The Big Eyes (BIG) coin is going from strength to strength and getting a CEX level 1 launch is the next notch in the cat-themed belt of Meme coins. You’d think raising over four million dollars in its presale would be enough to make a statement. But in the words … Read more