How to subtract in Google Sheets

Subtraction is one of the four basic operations of mathematics. In Google Sheets, you can use subtraction alone or in combination with other functions to create complex formulas. There is no special function for subtraction in Google Sheets. To subtract two numbers, you can simply use the minus sign (-). In addition to subtracting numbers, … Read more

Public companies devoured by Google?

Public companies devoured by Google?

New controversy? Google looks set to take over French public companies. How CCI France, Pôle Emploi and our universities deliver the strategy for Google increase… CCI France, an appetizer for Google? We saw it in a previous article : The CCIs distribute nationally free training called “Google Digital Workshops”. However, this industrial spread on a … Read more

Google Account privacy settings to change

Google Account privacy settings to change. The Google account is a personal tool that allows access to Google services through an email address and a password predefined by its owner. But many users are victims of hacking because they do not master the different methods to create their account. However, it is very important to … Read more