Google Wins Patent Lawsuit Transfer Despite 5th Century Case Law

A patent licensing company accusing Google SARL The violation cannot sweep the Federal Circuit’s precedent to beat the tech giant’s place transfer bid, Texas federal judge Alan Albright has ruled, moving the case to the Northern District of California. Motion Offense LLC attempted to argue that Fifth Circuit precedent regarding subpoenas, evidence locations and hometown … Read more

Web Giants Act | Google and YouTube are trying to ‘intimidate’ Canadians, says Rodriguez

(OTTAWA) Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez on Thursday slammed Google and YouTube for behaving like bullies as they posted a blog the day before attacking proposed legislation to regulate internet giants. web. Posted at 12:09 p.m. Michael Saba The Canadian Press “I find it special that a foreign multinational comes here to try to scare, … Read more

while waiting for the formalization, the applications are getting a makeover

A few hours before the presentation of the Pixel Watch, Google updated several Wear OS applications, including the arrival of a new Fitbit application. Pixel Watch, Google’s first connected watch // Source: Source: Google It is this Thursday, from 4 p.m., that Google should officially present its new ranges of devices. we are logically expecting … Read more