Google takes on Dolby Atmos/HDR Dolby Vision with HDR10+ featured

Under the name “Project Caviar”, Google intends to offer a free alternative to the audio and video formats Dolby Atmos and HDR Dolby Vision, in particular with competing technologies already available, for example HDR10+. The protocol site got its hands on the video of an internal conference held by Google at the beginning of the … Read more

a scientific team challenges itself to create a “Google Earth” of the human body thanks to the synchrotron

In Grenoble, an international scientific team wishes to produce an unprecedented cartography of the human body. Using the synchrotron, a particle accelerator, researchers want to better understand the functioning of our organism. Experience the Interceltic Festival: The Interceltic Festival of Lorient 2022 In a giant scanner 844 meters in circumference, scientists from the European synchrotron … Read more

How to remove your personal data from Google search results

Google allows you to remove your personal data from its search results. Thanks to a measure taken against identity theft, you can delete different types of information about you. In this tutorial, NextPit shows you how to request the removal and permanent deletion of your personal data from Google search results. Summary Typing their name … Read more

Restaurant owners and their online reputation: Google killed me

On the one hand, the TripAdvisor ranking. On the other, Google reviews. For professionals, an online competition that never stops… Photo DR Between ratings on TripAdvisor and Google reviews, restaurateurs and cafĂ© owners live day and night to the rhythm of smartphone notifications relating to their digital reputation. Extra pressure. Too much pressure? Remembering the … Read more

how to plant the dart probe on your screen

At 1:14 a.m. (Italian time), the Dart probe crashed into the asteroid Dimorphos in the first planetary defense test in the history of space exploration. The first planetary defense mission in the history of space exploration has become a Google Easter Egg. By typing Nasa and Dart in the search bar of the browser, a … Read more

Google celebrates NASA’s DART mission with a curious “Easter-egg” hidden in the browser

A ‘gaze egg’ hidden in Google celebrates NASA’s DART mission, which involved sending a satellite to crash into an asteroid. This week, NASA’s DART spacecraft, traveling at a speed of 6 kilometers per second, intentionally collided with the asteroid Dimorphos in an effort to knock it off course. This is one of the first planetary … Read more