CES 2023: LG unveils its technology to care for shoes

Whether it’s rare Nike Air Jordans or Louboutin, the shoe collection has become a passion for many people in recent years. LG must have noticed, because during CES 2023 the South Korean company presented its new products Styler ShoeCase and Styler ShoeCare which is designed to keep your luxury and collectible shoes safe and clean. Both offerings were first revealed at IFA in August 2022, and LG is now planning to bring them to the US market.

The trend for young millennials and Gen Zers to collect, sell and wear exclusive, limited edition and luxury shoes has never been stronger. LG hopes that these shoe lovers will turn to products that not only show off their shoesbut who also takes care of it.

Two high-tech solutions to care for your shoes

The first product is LG Styler shoe bag, a display for your shoes that includes custom lighting and a record player to showcase your collection. The case keeps your shoes on optimum humidity and protects them from UV damage that can fade fabrics and leather. Each case can hold a pair of shoes and you can stack up to four ShoeCase to create an exhibition tower. They are available in -one many different colors to match your shoes or wardrobe.

You can connect ShoeCase to the app LG ThinQto control the lighting and the record player.

The LG Styler ShoeCare uses steam to remove odors from your shoes.

Then comes LG Styler ShoeCarea cabinet-like unit that deodorizes and fixes your shoes. He uses nozzles Real Steam from LG, which is also found in the LG Styler clothes steamer, for Updatefour pairs of shoes in 37 minutes. It is also equipped with Zero-Dry filters that absorbs moisture from the air to control humidity and keep your shoes smelling fresh. LG has created 10 settingsso the device can safely clean leather, suede and other common shoe materials.

The Styler ShoeCare is the same height as three ShoeCases stacked together and comes in the same variety of colors. Open ShoeCare and place up to four pairs of your favorite shoes inside. Adjustable shelves can accommodate several shoe heights. Once the shoes are cleaned, you can leave them in Styler ShoeCare for storage.

At this time, there is no pricing or availability for the Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare.

CNET.com article adapted by CNET France

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