Champions League – Tottenham cracks in the last moments at Sporting (2-0)

Big blow for Sporting Portugal against Spurs. Dominated but enterprising, the players of Ruben Amorim offered themselves the English (2-0), Tuesday during the 2nd day of the group stage of the Champions League, thanks to two goals scored in the last minutes of the match (90th and 90th+3). Conte’s men failed to be effective on their highlights. Long kept afloat by Hugo Lloris, author of magnificent parades, they thus concede their first defeat of the season. Sporting takes the lead in this group D, where everything is relaunched.

Champions League

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Amorim’s 3-5-2 dominates Conte’s

The Spurs had started this match well, with intensity and very embarrassing pressing for their opponents. But quickly, the English fell back into the style that characterizes their coach: let the opponents advance to press or progress with the ball. Then counter at the slightest recovery or at the slightest space.

Problem: the people of Lisbon have gradually gained confidence. Initially messy, their passes became more precise, their possession phases longer and it took a magnificent save from Lloris just before the break to prevent Sporting from leading at half-time. Refusing to settle for a draw against Spurs visibly takeable, the green and white players multiplied the accelerations in the last minutes.

Arthur Gomes celebrates his goal against Tottenham.

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With success, since it was at the end of the match that the light came, despite another magnificent save from Lloris: a header from Paulinho from a corner (90th), then an exploit from Arthur Gomes against three defenders on his first ball (90th+3). With two wins and 6 points, Sporting took first place in the group alone.

Spurs caught up in their tactics

Undeniably, Conte’s style had been working well since the start of the season, as Tottenham were unbeaten heading into this game. However, when you decide to let your opponent dictate the game, you have to be lethal on your occasions. What the Spurs, like a discreet Son and released in the 72nd minute, were not, far from it. There were too many technical inaccuracies, and not enough change of pace to win.

The Spurs may have regrets, as they were dangerous when they wanted to accelerate, forcing Adan to make some good saves. But the Londoners leave Lisbon with empty pockets, and with a second place in danger in this group D. If there is a winner between Marseille and Frankfurt, he will become the new runner-up to Sporting Portugal.

Big disappointment for the Spurs, defeated in Lisbon.

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