chemotherapy at the end of the reign?

The imagination of oncology seems limitless. 67635682/ –

DECRYPTION – Research is moving towards ever more precise and personalized medicine. But the “old” treatments keep their usefulness.

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy: for a long time, the triptych was essential against cancer. A massive bombardment which allowed real advances… but does not always succeed in overcoming the enemy. “We deployed all our weapons fully, but the fact is that we only cure a certain number of cancersslide the Pr Pascal Pujol, director of the oncogenetics department at Montpellier University Hospital and president of the French Society for Predictive and Personalized Medicine. We must continue to find new weapons.” And for the past ten years, what has long been only a hope has taken shape, insists the author of Beyond Chemo (humenSciences). Immunotherapies, targeted therapies, vector-based chemo and radiotherapies, but also nanoparticles or electromagnetic waves… The imagination of oncology seems limitless, and throughout publications and scientific congresses molecules and strategies are presented that are formidably effective against…

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