China is leveraging technology to reprogram mindsets, warns cybersecurity expert

The Chinese regime is using technology to intrude and reprogram human consciousness to advance its global control agenda, says a cyber expert.

“Reprogramming means more precisely reprogramming the brain, and this is called psychological warfare. Cognitive warfare is the new term says Casey Fleming, CEO of cybersecurity firm BlackOps, to NTD TV. BlackOps specializes in cyber threats affecting businesses, government agencies, military, universities and research institutes and operates all over the world.

A report titled “Rewired: How Digital Technologies Shape Cognition and Democracy” (pdf) [Reprogrammé : Comment les technologies numériques façonnent la cognition et la démocratie, ndt.] published in October by The Digital Cognition and Democracy Initiative warns that man today is dependent on digital technologies to an advanced degree. It is therefore extremely sensitive to “misinformation and affective polarization”. This growing dependence on new technologies leads to undemocratic behavior.

According to Mr. Fleming, this reprogramming of the brains, involves subliminal elements touching on the propaganda and the transformation of the narrative, and it is carried out by the means of neurotransmitters like dopamine. He compares this reprogramming of the human mind to learning techniques operated on laboratory animals, chickens or mice, for example.

“This is what happens when we are connected to social networks, with our companies, with our Big Tech on a daily basis. They’re going to give people multiple doses of dopamine, making them want likes and such. And at one point, they remove them by putting several “dislikes” or something like that. This makes it application dependent. »

” And that’s just the beginning. There are so many things you can do by manipulating the brain and psychology when using technology. »

According to him, TikTok is a “bad app” and poses the most serious threats. It is designed to weaken children by killing their ability to think critically.

“And to make them addicted, like mice waiting in a cage, for food to arrive, with all these dopamine surges. »

He adds that when the children go home and log into the home network with their phone, which has the TikTok app on it, it gives the Chinese Communist Party access to everything connected to that app. telephone.

“It is clear that this application is in the wrong hands. And I said before that TikTok is a weapon for espionage purposes, put in the hands of our children. »

Hybrid and out of bounds warfare

Mr. Fleming qualifies “this reprogramming of the brain” of “Hybrid and off-limits warfare”. According to him, the regime targets everything that holds a society together, such as the police, religion, democracy, beliefs, trust. He goes so far as to attack the family and the education of children.

“It’s really about controlling the minds and souls of the users or the population. So basically it’s about reprogramming the brain. And it’s accelerated and exacerbated by social media. »

Thanks to technology, social media is harming Westerners, and with little effort, the damage is significant.

“So when you hear all of these things in the media about critical race theory, Black Lives Matter, about having to stop defunding the police, gender reattribution, religion being wrong, the purpose c is to divide us. »

He adds that according to studies carried out by his organization, 85% of social media content is strategic misinformation, while only 15% is fact.

These threats are made all the greater by the fact that 90% of mainstream media is owned by six major corporations, all of which are infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to some degree.

“What I usually tell people is that we have to start from the principle that all Chinese technology is a weapon aimed at us, aimed at the free world and at the future of our children. You have to understand the Chinese Communist Party, its objectives, its ideology, and these have nothing to do with what we know in the free world. They are completely opposite. »

Mike Pompeo, during a press conference on Huawei, in Washington, July 15, 2020. (Andrew Harnik/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

US government measures

For decades, national security officials in the United States have been warning about spying practices targeting America. This espionage is made possible thanks to Chinese information and communication technologies (acronym: ICT), developed by companies such as Huawei or ZTE.

In the name of national security, the federal government has taken various measures over the past five years to regulate the deployment of foreign ICTs on US soil. According to a report titled Banned in DC, Examining Government Approaches to Foreign Technology Threats [Interdit à D.C., examen des approches gouvernementales face aux menaces technologiques étrangères, ndt.] Released by the Center for Security and Emerging Technology in October, these measures give government agencies the power to identify and remove untrusted ICTs from sensitive federal networks.

These measures include, among others, Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019, which prohibits government agencies from using equipment and services from five major blacklisted Chinese companies, or working with contractors. who use this equipment.

Despite all these measures, there are still many institutions in the United States that continue to purchase unreliable Chinese technology that government agencies have identified as a national security threat. According to the report’s authors, Jack Corrigan, Sergio Fontanez and Michael Kratsios, this year there are still 1,700 public entities that have purchased ICT affected by Section 889.

“Despite all of this, state and local governments have generally not changed their procurement practices to address the issue of threats from foreign technologies,” they specify.

According to Mr. Fleming, a federal law is necessary, stipulating that ICTs are permanently prohibited, and that “If someone buys these technologies, they will go to jail. And there must be a federal law against these purchases, (…) when we know that it comes from a communist regime”.

“We are in the third world war and it is a hybrid war”he adds, but people are not aware of it and do not even understand what is happening.

“But this Hybrid War, we’re in it, we were in it before, and it’s peaking, getting to this point. At some point, to some extent, it’s going to become conventional warfare. It may happen in just a few years, but you have to understand that our adversary has declared us his enemy. So consequently, it is our enemy. »

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