Christophe Galtier after Paris’ victory at Décines against OL: “PSG had a great match”

Your team’s first half was very good, did you want to kill the game quickly?

It is easier for players to run with the ball than without. It was also important to have a high possession time which allowed us to find flaws in the Lyon defense. We had a lot of moves, we could have scored more but Anthony Lopes was very good. The fact of not scoring the second always maintains a little pressure. In the second half, the fact of having made fairly quick changes deprived me of making other changes. We were less mobile. But I think my players played a great game against a difficult team to play. We were much better balanced, especially Neymar who gave us balance.

Do you have any news from Marco Verratti, out through injury?
He is hit in the calf, it’s a blow. I can be worried because when Marco can’t continue… He was supposed to leave for the selection tonight, he’s going to go back to Paris for exams.

We arrive at the first truce, it is the occasion of a first assessment…
What I like is that the players are very professional, invested in training on a daily basis. We have very important technical relations and this system allows players to evolve well. We have to remain vigilant and maintain tactical and technical rigor, which we were lacking in Haifa. The sequence of matches will be incredible after the break and we will have to find the best formula.

Isn’t the playing time of each player hard to manage?
Players are always difficult to deal with. But you have to have this player profile to win. All the players will leave for selection and then there will be 13 matches in the Championship and Champions League before the World Cup. We will have to have rotations and exits from matches earlier.

For Galtier, Ramos participated a little too much on his right lane. And “Marquinhos catches up with blows in depth”. (S. Mantey/The Team)

Marquinhos plays in the center of defence, Sergio Ramos on the right… what leads you to make this choice?
When I made the decision to go to three, I had the thought of looking for the most suitable player to give me coverage. Quickly, I heard debates on their positioning. But Sergio is very comfortable on the right because he was trained on the right side in Seville. He participates a lot on his side, this evening, at times, a little too much. Marquinhos catches the blows in depth.


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