CNDH launches a service dedicated to technology and digital in relation to human rights

Saturday 7 January 2023 at 17.08

Rabat – The National Human Rights Council (CNDH) announced on Friday the establishment of a service dedicated to issues of technology and the digital sphere in relation to human rights, directly linked to the chairman of the board.

In addition to observation, monitoring and capacity-building missions, the new service created under the provisions of Law No. 76-15 regarding the reorganization of the CNDH and its internal rules is responsible for basic responsibilities in accordance with the vision and approach of the Council for protection against all forms of human rights abuses in relation to technology and the digital space, the council said in a statement.

The creation of this service responds to the Council’s concerns about issues of freedom and its support for the technological and digital dynamics in relation to human rights at the national, continental and international level, emphasizes the president of the CNDH, Amina Bouayach, quoted in the press release.

And to add that the issue of the Internet and digital technology is a priority in the current context of technological change, insofar as it offers a favorable climate, but not without danger in its use, which can undermine the system of rights and freedoms.

This is why, she continued, the board has chosen to inaugurate a new phase in its work approach through the creation of this new structure, which aims to support the technological and digital developments and their implications for the protection of human rights.

It should be noted that the establishment of a service dedicated to issues of technology, the digital sphere and human rights is part of a process initiated by the CNDH to observe the effects of the use of technology and address challenges related to digital impacts on human rights.

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