Cold or hot: how to relieve pain?

Cold or hot: how to relieve pain?
We don’t use it for the same pain

Thermotherapy is the act of blowing cold or heat to a patient to relieve pain. If it does not cure the evils strictly speaking, it really alleviates the evil. But when to use cold and when to turn to hot?

Against muscle contractures

If you suffer from muscle contractures, cramps, body aches, torticollis, back pain, or painful periods, it is rather advisable to apply heat.

The hot goes relax the muscles, and promote their relaxation. Moreover, the heat will increase blood flow and therefore the supply of oxygen to the tissues, which facilitates the evacuation of toxins. Finally, heat stimulates the production of endomorphin, which increases our ability to bear pain. However, avoid the heat if you suffer fromvenous or cutaneous insufficiencyor even

Several solutions for applying heat. The hot water bottle, which is filled with hot water, or with cores that are heated in the microwave or in a bain-marie. There are also heating patches to buy in pharmacies and stick on where you have pain.

Against trauma and joint pain

On the other hand, in case ofinflammation, sprain, strain, bruise ormuscle tear and conduction of nerve fibers, which has a painkiller effect. Moreover, it has an effect rreduces the bloodwhich has the effect of reducing the spread of a bruise.

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To apply cold, use an ice pack that you have previously placed in the freezer. Don’t forget to wrap this pocket in a tea towel, so as not to cause skin burns or thermal shock. Also, don’t keep the pocket longer than 30 minutes. You can also turn to balms or gels with a cooling effect, such as tiger balm.

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