Conakry: the SADEN team and the winners of the Google competition at Troy Fitrell

The meeting between the American diplomat and the winners of the Google competition, accompanied by the SADEN team, took place this Thursday, September 15, 2022, at the residence of Mr. Troy Fitrell. The objective of the meeting was to listen to the lucky winners of the competition on the theme of ”Digital tools for innovation”, three months after the said competition.

“At the end of the workshop, I promised that I would invite you to see the progress of your projects. I made this promise because successful entrepreneurship requires monitoring and networking. This reception is therefore a way for you to get in touch with your peers, business leaders and bank representatives, someone here is bound to have a suggestion or an idea to help you. This is the opportunity to continue what we started in the workshops with Google and SADEN”, recalled Troy Fitrell.

SADEN, through Souleymane Camara, Commissioner General, thanked the United States Ambassador to Guinea for the support and accompaniment to the various activities.

“I would like to question the Ambassador on the need to continue the exercise which was started three months ago. What is often difficult with us is to start something without going to the end. It is important that all these entrepreneurs who have taken part can be supported more consistently throughout the year and that when a year comes around, we can recruit a new cohort of entrepreneurs in other fields. Maybe and we can do something in a kind of continuity and it’s not just a first attempt and we stop there. So we would really like to have your support for this kind of project. We as Saden meet many of them every year in our training and other activities. There is a real need for support more than a need for funding, it is a need for coaching, training in financial management and all kinds of support. We really need all kinds of support for these entrepreneurs. So we would like to have the United States Embassy by our side, particularly in the context of the Saden that we are organizing on October 12 and 13, but on a slightly more continuous basis. Every month, we organize training for entrepreneurs, in general we receive only twenty or thirty. It would be good if we could have around fifty, a hundred today, that we could equip on a regular basis, ”said the general commissioner of the Salon des entrepreneurs de Guinée.

Mariam Ciré Diallo, the external relations manager of Min Kadi Transports, working in garbage collection, and winner of the digital innovation competition, took part in the meeting: “We won the innovation prize with the SADEN and that helped us a lot. And since then, with the funds that we had, we went much more towards the population, emphasizing awareness through the campaign on rural radio and educational talks. We were also able to buy digital tools. Today when you go to Pita and talk about Minkadi-Tansport, people will have something good to say to you. The training we took with Google allowed managers to follow other training courses,” she said.

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