Covid: a new variant that escapes immunity could double its number of contaminations every fortnight, the Americans give the alert

No, the health crisis from covid is not finished. And as temperatures set to drop, health professionals are concerned that three epidemics will peak simultaneously. The bronchiolitis which is currently straining hospital services, associated with the flu and a spike in a severe form of Covid could further worsen the situation.

Everything to “succeed”

So the experts continue to track the Covid and its many new variants. The latest: BN.1, now monitored by the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After a drop in September, new hospitalizations due to Covid have started to climb again in the United States. And according to CBS, 4.3% of new cases in the USA are due to this new variant called “to double every fortnight”.

BN.1 would carry the R346T mutation which could evade immunity but also the drug used by people with weakened immune systems. Case to follow.

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