Covid: people infected several times are more at risk of health problems

Covid: people infected several times are more at risk of health problems
Being infected three times by Covid increases pulmonary and cardiovascular risks. © Adobe stock

If you have had Covid two or three times, you are more likely to develop health problems according to a recent American study. What are these risks? Who is concerned ?

Being infected twice is common

Because of new Omicron variantsIt is very common to get infected two or three times since the start of the pandemic. But each reinfection weakens the body. This is the finding of a study published on November 10 in the journal Nature Medicine.

Risks persist 6 months after infection

The US researchers’ study includes a panel of 443,000 people who had Covid between March 2020 and April 2022. Among them, 41,000 people had had Covid at least twice. “To better understand whether reinfection adds risk, we first performed analyzes to examine mortality risks tAll causes combined, of hospitalization (…) compared to those who do not have reinfection,” the authors said in the study. They performed tests at the time of reinfection and until 180 days laterabout six months.

The risk increases with each reinfection

According to the results of this study, risks to develop health problems were lowest among those with an infection, but were increasing in people with two infections and were highest in people with three or more infections“. Reinfection contributed to additional risks of “deathhospitalization and sequels“.

What are the health problems observed?

The researchers point to several increased health problems in the event of reinfection with Covid:

  • of the pulmonary risks,
  • troubles cardiovascularhematological, renal
  • the diabetes,
  • gastrointestinal disorders,
  • risk of Mental Health,
  • musculoskeletal and neurological risk.

Data are for older men

This study includes a bias : that of persons from whom the data originated. Indeed, the researchers analyzed the health data of Veterans. These are mostly old menwith women representing only 10% of the workforce.

Source: Nature Medicine

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