Create audiobooks for free with Google’s automatic narrators

The first works calledself toldhad appeared in Google Play Public Domain: a section that appeared in December 2020 where more English-language classics were available to listen to. In this way, Google managed to expand – by about twenty titles, let’s stay calm – its catalog of audiobooks.

With reliance on the public domain, the American didn’t have to spend a dime or buy rights to consider. And the project is thriving.

With ease

In a communication to partner publishers, Google Play Books officially launches its self-generated audiobook model. This system allowsmake audiobooks easily and cheaply“, says the company.

And to continue:Instead of a human narrator, it is The Google technology that reads these audiobooks. You can convert your eBooks to high-quality audiobooks in just a few steps.»

The program opens in beta version – therefore not yet final – but above all in the most free version, claims Google. Multiple languages ​​are also supported: German, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Voices galore

We suggest over 50 story options and tools that allow you to easily create your self-generated audiobooks. You can also download these books to publish through another distributor when they are available in the Google Play Store», Specifies frequently asked questions.

Narrators of all ages are present – from 18 to over 65, for a wide range of voices and accents. We will thus meet Fabien 46-60 years, Fiona 31-45 years, Florian 31-45 years and Francine 18-30 years, for French speakers. We will experiment with their readings at this address.

The vast majority of the proposed votes remain English – and mainly American, although the British and Australians occupy a good place. And if there are Indian accents, make no mistake: they are English-speaking narrators.

Create and sell in two clicks

Therefore, to use the service, you must use e-book files – EPUB format only – and have the rights. Creation, publication and download are free, but “for a limited period” says Google.

On the other hand, their marketing does not present any difficulties, on the condition of not creating exclusivity. If a retailer offers the audiobook thus produced, Google Play Books must have it.

As such publisher will receive 52% of the revenue generated of these audiobooks, marketed by Google. Unexpected, especially when the operator guarantees that it takes less than two hours to produce his copy of the book read…

Not sure specialist publishers appreciate the approach…

Photo: Google

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