Crypto Experts’ Favorite Picks for September: Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum, and Cosmos

It is undeniable that the blockchain industry is one of the fastest growing financial markets in the world. The crypto space, unlike most traditional financial systems, is only about digital assets that are not owned by a single company.

Ethereum (ETH) and Cosmos (ATOM) are two extremely popular cryptocurrency currencies known to create value, grow communities, and expand the crypto industry. Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a new pre-sale cryptocurrency, is establishing itself as a household name by merging the mass appeal of meme coins with strategic use cases to enhance its community. In this essay, we will look at how these currencies will change the cryptocurrency market.

Largest Crypto Ecosystem – Ethereum

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Vitalik Buterin and his co-founders created it in 2015. Ethereum established itself in the cryptocurrency market by allowing users to conduct decentralized operations.

Ethereum is the pioneer of contract-powered smart transactions. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum was created to be more than just a means of payment or a store of value. Ethereum is intended to be a decentralized computer network that runs on blockchain technology.

The Ethereum network has grown so large that thousands of games, financial software, and other applications are now created on it. Its blockchain is so reliable that it is used by other cryptocurrencies. The majority of new DeFi (decentralized finance) projects base their architecture on Ethereum functionality. Its native cryptocurrency, ETH, is widely accepted as a method of payment and is also considered a trustworthy store of value.

The Peak Crypto Project – Cosmos

Cosmos (ATOM) is a cutting-edge project in the blockchain industry that connects users and subsystems, facilitating data exchange through the inter-blockchain protocol. Cosmos allows the user to switch from one blockchain to another, thus ensuring the possibility of integrating many systems into one platform in the most suitable way.

Cosmos uses Proof of Stake consensus, which contributes to the maximum flexibility and adjustability of the platform. It acts as a link between blockchains and information sharing. The native token of this cryptocurrency, ATOM, is used for all transactions within the ecosystem.

Due to the built-in compatibility of the Cosmos channel, many developers have switched to it. While other blockchains are implementing cross-chain solutions, Cosmos has a first-mover advantage, which leads to a huge increase in the value of the token in the future, possibly surpassing the all-time high of $44.70. .

Cosmos improves scalability by allowing faster transactions than Ethereum or Bitcoin. It can process data at a rate of 10,000 TPS. It is more than just a blockchain bridge, and its features make it a viable market choice with big profits.

Additionally, Cosmos will soon integrate Interchain Security, which will allow developers to establish blockchains using the same set of validators as the Cosmos hub, improving overall network security. The strong use case of Cosmos as a layer one protocol, along with its intensified movement towards security, should allow this currency to achieve potential increases in the near future.

The Enduring Meme Network – Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new meme token that is currently in the pre-sale phase. Following the trend of animal-inspired meme tokens, this token is based on a charming anime-inspired cat. The majority of meme tokens introduced previously were simply named after dogs, but BIG is an exception. The platform aims to be both user-friendly, decentralized and beneficial to the environment.

The Big Eyes Coin platform is built on community. Its main purpose is to redirect funds from its clients to the DeFi ecosystem. It is generally established that a community token can generate wealth. These tokens seek to give back to members of their community and actively participate in charitable initiatives.

Big Eyes Coin aspires to do more for its community by creating a self-evolving blockchain ecosystem for hypergrowth through the use of NFTs. As a result, it provides access to more content, which makes the blockchain hype ship worth sailing.

Although a relative newcomer to the crypto scene, BIG has the potential to outperform other meme currencies. While Cosmos has taken some time to establish its place in the crypto world, the Big Eyes Coin initiative plans to do so from the start. With the impending Ethereum merger slated for early September, the BIG token could see a huge surge soon after its launch. Big Eyes is now in Stage 1 of its plan, having completed its audit and launched its pre-sale on its website. Be sure to take advantage of the presale before it ends.

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