Cryptocurrencies: Circle and its USDC are getting closer to Apple Pay

Grow in adversity – Despite the turmoil caused by the FTX disaster in the cryptosphere, stablecoins as’USDT and theUSDC hold on. Better yet, the company Circle (USDC issuer) just allowed its stablecoin to get closer to theApple Pay. The payment system for Apple devices will now be available in Circle’s ecosystem.

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Circle brings USDC and crypto closer to Apple Pay payments

The little world of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptos are still struggling to recover from the sudden failure of the FTX platform. But this does not hinder the progress of the strongest projects in the sector. They even come out reinforced.

This is the case of Circle and its dollar stablecoin, theUSDC. In a press release published on November 15, 2022, the crypto-company announces that merchants supported by the company will now be able to use Circle’s payment ecosystem via theApple Pay.

Crypto businesses using Circle’s infrastructure will be able to allow their customers to pay with this more traditional method. For example to buy digital assets directly with Apple Pay on their crypto exchanges or their marketplaces NFT favorite

“As we strive to attract more people to Web3 and native dollar digital currencies (like USDC), we are excited to launch this new API for developers to connect Apple Pay to USDC settlement. »

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In addition to Circle and Apple Pay today, other major players in payment systems looks more than seriously at the crypto universe. This is particularly the case of the bank card giant, Mastercard, which is very interested in NFTsnotably.

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