Cryptocurrencies: how Ledger is gaining momentum

With its slender shape, large bay windows and elegant wood cladding, Ledger’s 4,000 m2 factory contrasts with the usual ugliness of industrial buildings. Based in the suburbs of Vierzon, in the heart of an economically devastated region, it produces small electronic objects that fit in a pocket, similar to USB keys. Wallets intended to contain digital values: cryptocurrencies, NFTs, tokens…

Founded in 2014 by a pioneering team of eight entrepreneurs, Ledger has become the world leader in protecting this new wealth. About 20% of the cryptoassets traded in the world are protected by its “Ledger”, a brand that has become a common word. The company has sold 5 million since 2016, including 2.5 million in 2022. And this is just the beginning, estimates its CEO, Pascal Gauthier. This rocker-looking boss aims to make it “the first European tech company”, aiming for a capitalization of 100 billion euros. “Each technological generation has had its champion. We want to be the one of Web 3”, he says.

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