“Cryptos, the biggest scam in history”: Nouriel Roubini attacks Bitcoin (again).

Yes, the biggest, just that! – Opponents of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptos are like perked up of the sector’s current market shares. It is even one insult fest at the start of 2023. After Nassim Nicholas Talebwho treated Bitcoin from “fool detector”he is the eternal pessimist Nouriel Roubiniaka Dr. Doom – which still promises hell and doom for cryptos.

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Nouriel Roubini lets loose: all crypto is an FTX scam

It had already been a long month since the apocalyptic economist Nouriel Roubini had not mentioned (read: insulted) the cryptocurrency sector. After having promised “a bloodbath” to crypto-assets in early December, here it is in early January trading Bitcoin (BTC) and its ilk “fraud”. And the largest in the known universe, what’s more.

It was during an interview given to L’Express that Nouriel Roubini was able to give free rein to all the evil he thinks about crypto assets:

“In truth, cryptocurrencies are the biggest scam in history, with an accumulation of fraudsters, criminals, (…)”

Like all professional critics of Bitcoin and cryptos, our Dr. Doom with all his power on the catastrophe with the huge FTX fraud and Sam Bankman-Fried. He even takes the opportunity to make an incredible (and nauseating) amalgam. To put on the same level Satoshi Nakamoto (inventor of Bitcoin) and Sam Bankman-Fried, Nouriel Roubini says:

The FTX scandal is not the exception, but the rule [dans le secteur crypto]. »

Nouriel Roubini doesn’t seem to want to admit whatever he says, cryptocurrencies and their technologies has already changed traditional financing. And that they will revolutionize even deeper in the coming years. Then even the planetary giant BlackRock sees tokenization as the future of finance.

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