Cryptoskeptic Investor Predicts Binance’s Fall

Liron Shapira is one of the crypto skeptics who took short crypto positions some time ago. This investor recently spoke about the current crisis with Yahoo Finance Live. He was interviewed about the collapse of FTX. Giving his thoughts on the exchange’s failure, he suggested that this is just the beginning of CEX’s decline.

Soon the fall of the centralized exchange Binance?

Interviewed by Akiko Fujita of Yahoo Finance, cryptoskeptic Liron Shapira talked about the contagion effect in the crypto space. He explained that several crypto platforms could collapse in the next few days, like FTX. He spoke in particular of the Silvergate Bank, which is “essentially the only fiat bank connection that crypto has“. “Deposits are being removed from it so it could collapse I’m sure“, he said.

Liron Shapira also believes that crypto lending platform Nexo “could be the next FTX“. He added that it could also be Bitfinex or Tether. According to him, it is unclear which crypto company will be the next to go bankrupt. However, Shapira is certain that “the dominoes will fall, one after another“.

Yahoo Finance Live

Fujita asked Shapira if he saw red flags over the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance. “Important red flagsthe crypto-skeptical investor replied. This, before adding:He’s the next domino to fall“.

According to him, there is no indication that Binance is not using the same dubious tactics seen with all other CEXs. When asked what leads him to make this statement, Shapira replied that Binance’s track record “presents the same red flags“.

Bitcoin: Would it be the only one to be truly decentralized?

Shapira said that “Bitcoin is kind of an exceptionamong cryptos. “It has this vision of being a decentralized currency without a central bank“, he underlined. For him, even if this vision is harmful, it remains logically coherent. However, for Shapira, all projects developed outside of bitcoin are logically inconsistent.

There is absolutely no reason for any of this to create net worth for society or for the economy. It’s just an excuse to gamble and speculateasserted the cryptoskeptic.

Liron Shapira suggested that Coinbase is the only CEX one could trust. “They are regulated. They probably won’t lose nobody’s money“, specified the investor.

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