Dark circles don’t just come from fatigue!

Dark circles are a sure sign of a lack of sleep. But this is not the only cause for the appearance of these grayish areas under the eyes! Diseases or bad lifestyle habits can also cause them, according to research by an American dermatologist.

Fatigue is physically visible in individuals: it is indeed embodied in the form of dark circles under the eyes. The dilation of blood vessels, particularly important in case of fatigue, is very visible in the very thin skin around the eye. This is what causes this blue/gray pigmentation that no one generally appreciates!

Personalized treatments are possible

But it’s not just fatigue that causes dark circles to appear. Dermatologist Fatima Fahs indeed explains in the American publication Newsweek that dark circles can also be the consequence of other health problems. They can occur in case of smoking, poor diet, allergies, or simply because of aging. There are also cases where it is a genetic predisposition.

There are solutions to each of these problems (except for aging or genetics!). Tobacco reduces the elasticity of the skin. Diets that contain too much salt retain water. Congested sinuses due to allergies can cause dark circles… In short, there are many situations and each individual is more or less affected.

If it is always possible to go through aesthetic solutions based on creams (retinol or peptides), the miracle solution to get rid of dark circles does not exist. Fatima Fahs recommends following up with her doctor and implementing a personalized strategy to find the right treatment. Don’t forget to sleep well at night!

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