day of truth for France, program and results

The day after Holland’s and Argentina’s qualifications, France will try to get into the quarter-finals of the World Cup against Poland. In the evening, England will face the fearsome and ambitious Senegal.

11:45 – FIFA is currently playing

This is a case that FIFA would like to avoid and that it does not know how to get out of. Indeed, two days after the French Football Federation (FFF) filed a complaint to challenge the annulment of Antoine Griezmann’s equalizer against Tunisia, the football world has still not given any answer and seems to want to save time when faced with a difficult subject because it touches on a statutory void. In their final group game, France, led by Tunisia, managed to equalize at the last second thanks to the Mâcon native. In the process, the referee had given a commitment to the Tunisians and whistled the end of the match. It was only then that he was called by his video assistant to go and consult the images of the target. After watching, he believed that Griezmann was offside at the start of the match and therefore disallowed the goal. However, the rules stipulate that the use of VAR is only possible before the commitment is given. What about after the game ends? FIFA is still in the process of figuring out what follow-up to give to this case, which could set a precedent. No date has yet been announced for an official decision.

11:20 – Deschamps will not talk about Switzerland

Present at a press conference yesterday, Didier Deschamps was asked how he would approach the round of 16 tie against Poland and whether he wanted to evoke the painful memory of the last Euros, when France were eliminated by Switzerland on penalties. Cuttingly, the trainer immediately evacuated the subject. “Talking about the past, I don’t see the point. If it’s just the players who were there at the time, the feelings they had, they won’t relive them. The only common point is that it’s a game 16. I don’t fall into a routine, nor do I intend to add to it, because if I add more, it will bring what I don’t want. no, that is, a little more stress, while we have our peace and our serenity”, he decided. Not a man to brood or dwell on the negative, Deschamps is intent on maintaining the freshness and confidence of a group currently in contention for this 2022 World Cup.

10:55 – Argentine madness in Bangladesh

We knew the irrational love of the Argentina supporters who once again proved their immense fervor yesterday at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium as they rocked the stands with their intoxicating chants, but since the start of the World Cup we have discovered that Bangladesh is suffering from fever Argentina. Without a team strong enough to reach this level, the Bangladeshi people fell in love with the Albiceleste and Lionel Messi. Thus, every match for the band at Pulga is broadcast on giant screens and gives rise to scenes of popular jubilation that have nothing to envy those in the country. Last night there were still thousands celebrating Argentina’s qualification for the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup.

10:30 – Macron’s forecast

On this day in the round of 16 of the World Cup for the French team, Emmanuel Macron went there with his forecast. An expelled supporter of Olympique de Marseille, the President of the Republic confided in an interview with Le Parisien that he saw a victory for the Blues against the Poles. “I think we will win 3-1! Lewandowski (the Polish striker) will put someone like Mbappé or maybe Giroud who wants to go down in history”, he said without specifying who would be the third tricolor scorer. To find out if the head of state was right, meet later at 16.00 to follow the round of 16 live on the website. France – Poland.

10:05 – Molina and the ace in the Argentine round

At just 44, Lionel Scaloni has succeeded in his efforts to rebuild Argentina in the company of former greats Aimar, Samuel and Ayala. Led by their inexperienced but hard-working quartet, the selection conquered South America last year and have just reached the quarter-finals at the World Cup in Qatar, while they may be waiting for a better game against the Netherlands. Coming off the difficult success against Australia, the young coach said he was lucky to be able to count on one big asset: Lionel Messi. “It’s a privilege to play with him. We know we have to be patient, we know eventually he will find some space. And we know we always have that ace up our sleeve.”, the Argentine side Nahuel Molina confirmed. Yesterday, Rosario’s kid rose to the occasion by opening the scoring, organizing the play and instigating for his 1,000th career goal. At 35, Pulga is much more than an asset to an Albiceleste, for whom he is the star.

09:40 – Mbappé likes Messi?

Last night Lionel Messi locked up Argentina’s round of 16 tie against Australia by scoring his 9th World Cup goal in his 1,000th. fight in the career. against Poland, Kylian Mbappé is being offered the opportunity to join the famous Albiceleste captain. Already a treble scorer in Qatar, the Bondy native has 7 goals in the World Cup. One more goal and he would join Cristiano Ronaldo. In the event of a double, he would catch up with his teammate at PSG, who is in his 5th World Cup, seeing his 2nd. Knowing all this, the dolphin of Just Fontaine (13 goals, all in 1958) hopes above all to help the Blues to win and continue on the road to a second consecutive world championship.

09:15 – Pelé feels “strong and hopeful”

In the middle of the World Cup in Qatar, all thoughts turn to Brazil and Sao Paulo in recent hours, where Pelé is currently hospitalized. Hospitalized last Wednesday following a respiratory infection following his chemotherapy, the Brazilian legend has received many messages of support from around the world. While rumors announced that he was no longer responding to his treatment and had been placed in palliative care, he gave reassuring news about his state of health. “My friends, I want to reassure you. I feel strong and hopeful. I am following my treatment as usual,” Pele wrote on Instagram, thanking the medical staff for the care they are giving him. “All the messages of love and support that you send me around the world give me energy,” he continued, assuring that he was following Brazil’s journey closely. In a press release, the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, where the three-time world champion is being cared for, confirmed that the health condition of his famous patient was stable. At 82, Pelé has regular health problems and underwent surgery in September 2021 for colon cancer.

08:50 – Mandanda’s beautiful tribute to Lloris

On this special day for Hugo Lloris, who will equal Lillian Thuram’s cap record against Poland, Steve Mandanda spoke about his rival at the microphone on TF1. Although he deprived him of a better career in blue, the Rennes goalkeeper paid tribute to him.

08:25 – Historic day for Lloris

As the French team enters the thick of things against Poland after a perfectly negotiated group stage, this Round of 16 will have a very special flavor for Hugo Lloris. Left to rest against Tunisia, the Blues captain will know his 142 picks. A number far from trivial, as it is equal to the French record holder Lillian Thuram.

08:00 – Hello and welcome

Hello everyone and welcome to this live of the World Cup 2022 to follow, live, all the news of this World Cup in Qatar. Following the qualification of the Netherlands and Argentina, two new nations will be looking to reach the quarter-finals. From 4 p.m., the French team takes on Poland, before the match at 8 p.m. between England and Senegal.

03/12/22 – 23:00 – End of live, see you tomorrow!

It is the end of live at the 2022 World Cup and this first day dedicated to the round of 16. You have an appointment tomorrow with the match for the French team, which will try to secure a place in the quarter-finals at the World Cup in Qatar. The second round of 16 will be against England and Senegal.

03/12/22 – 22:45 – Garang Kuol equals Pelé

Australia helped young Garang Kuol make World Cup history. At 18 years and 79 days, the young Socceroo became the youngest player to appear in the knockout stages of a World Cup since Pelé in 1958 (17 years and 249 days).

03/12/22 – 22:30 – Neymar on the right track

Brazil is blowing hot and cold this Saturday, December 3rd. Following the announcement of two packages for the rest of the 2022 World Cup, Neymar, meanwhile, looks set to return to the field in the last 16 of the competition against South Korea on Monday, December 5 at 8 p.m. The Brazilian media have announced that the PSG player has returned to training, while the team estimates that he will be in the Brazil group the day after tomorrow. This information could give a smile to the Brazilians who lost Jesus and Telles for the rest of the competition.

03/12/22 – 22:15 – Neymar issues a reassuring message

The road to redemption seems to be taken by Neymar in this 2022 World Cup. The Brazilian striker has found a smile after his injury on the first day of the group stage against Serbia. He posted a reassuring message on Twitter saying he is doing well.

03/12/22 – 22:05 – Argentina struggle to reach the quarters

Argentina narrowly beat Australia on Saturday 3 December (2-1) in the second round of 16 of the World Cup 2022. And once again, the savior is Lionel Messi. The PSG player blocked the situation in the 35th minute with an unstoppable low ball to the Australian goalkeeper. In the second period, Julian Alvarez took advantage of a huge mistake from Mathew Ryan to make the break (57th). And while the Albiceleste looked to have done the hardest part, the Socceroos surprised everyone with a powerful shot that was deflected into his own net by Enzo Fernadez (77th). Emiliano Martinez will save his team after added time from a try from Garang Kuol. Argentina will have been hot but joined the Netherlands in the quarter-finals.


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