Decolines Tierra Viva Natural – A concentrate of technology…in a terracotta pot!

You had to dare, Décolines did it! After more than two years of research and development, the French ceramics supplier Décolines launches a range of Terracotta ceramics exclusively designed to optimize the development of plants.

Reinventing ceramics in a rapidly changing market.

In a highly competitive market with a predominantly Asian offering, French distributors and consumers are looking for meaning and authenticity. Tired of, or disillusioned with, low-quality gadgets and products that don’t last over time, consumers are increasingly turning to products that are full of common sense, simple and respect their lifestyle and their future. In this movement, terracotta has obviously been on the rise for a few years, not only in the garden world, but also in interior design. Relaunch on the French market, a ceramic of innovative design and with a production moved to Europe was the challenge Décolines set for himself.

By investing in a clear clay deposit in Spain, the company also updated its ceramic expertise, which has been inherited since 1815. The idea was there, the technical possibilities relaunched and the material available, lacking only the development of an extraordinary pot.

The basic principle: “by design we had no limits” indicates Steve Chareyre, marketing manager of Décolines and co-founder of this new Tierra Viva Natural line. “We gathered a team of researchers, engineers, technicians, partners and experts around one question: What would be an ideal pot for the plant? That is why, after two years of research and development, the Tierra Viva Natural pots were born. But what is innovative about them?

Agro-ecology: the submerged face of the iceberg

In the design of Tierra Viva Natural, the key point was the soil clod and the root bulb it contains. Indeed, the scientists consulted all pointed out that the visible part of a plant was only its nutritive and reproductive organs, but that its “engine” was actually its root system. Faced with the great diversity of plants and substrates available on the market, a fine modeling was made to determine the most favorable characteristics for the life of the plants: good aeration of the roots, good watering, optimal drainage, protection against shock thermal protection, protection against salt rise etc. Many points have been elucidated by the very nature of terracotta and its chemical and physical composition.

Material engineering – in search of the perfect porosity!

This is the primary cause of a plant’s suffering: water management. Too little water, it dries out, gets tired and struggles to grow. Too much water, its roots suffocate, become necrotic and die, leading to the loss of the plant. Usually, water management in a communal pot can be done using a water reserve, wick or well system. They are all much less effective relievers than a pot inherently porous, which not only provides a reserve of water, but will distribute it evenly throughout the plant’s root bulb.

To increase the porosity of its ceramics, Tierra Viva Natural incorporates crushed kernels into the firing, a low-carbon agricultural waste which, when cooked, will create pores in the material. The interest is fourfold: greater porosity for circulation of water and air, greater lightness of ceramics, better mechanical resistance of the material and better insulation of the roots at outside temperatures. But the most impressive interest was undoubtedly observing a drastically lowered cooking temperature and thus reducing CO2 emissions. To optimize all these parameters, the best practices of structural engineers have been explored, especially in their building block production techniques.

A design full of common sense.

Whether it is in its proportions, the slope of its edges and its geometry, the Tierra Viva Natural pot has a balanced shape that is compatible with most plants and their roots.

It’s no secret to good gardeners: a pot needs to be pierced and not just anyway! On the side remains the best option, because the pot thus creates its own reserve of water. Tierra Viva Natural is therefore one of the few ceramics available that is already pierced on the side. A revolution that will finally satisfy the purists!

Tierra Viva Natural – available at garden centres

Tierra Viva Natural ceramics are now available and starting to appear in the garden departments. To support the distribution and explain to consumers the advantages of this high-tech ceramic despite its simple appearance, a communication campaign will make it possible to talk about the brand and its challenges for the future. Perfectly in line with the concepts of permaculture, nourishing garden and the search for authenticity around more responsible consumption, Tierra Viva Natural is positioned as the first wellness and natural ceramic that optimizes plant development.

Who is Decolines?

Since 2020, Décolines has been a real player in the home and garden market and today develops its own brands with Papot’s, Tierra Viva Natural and Classimento and is in exclusive distribution of the Ecopots brand in France. Decolines are strong values; to allow the continuity of the profession, especially by creating close partnerships with producers and craftsmen, but also by taking into account the challenges of tomorrow. Décolines wants to be a committed player in the area and in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Creator of environmentally responsible ceramic brands

Décolines has always been recognized for the diversity of its range of ceramics: choice of materials and colors, quality of finishes.

In 2020, to meet the growing demand for ceramics, Décolines is changing from a wholesale importer to a distributor and creator of environmentally responsible ceramic brands:

  • Classification
  • Papot
  • Tierra Viva Natural
  • Ecopots (exclusive distributor in France)

The portfolio of brands created and distributed is selected for their responsibility, their qualities and their exclusivity.

Ceramics Suppliers, Distributors and Makers!

Décolines works together with garden centers, florists, concept stores, nurseries, nurseries, professional networks and specialty stores!

Décolines, a family business through several generations!

  • 30. of business partners
  • 13 million turnover
  • 30% annual growth since 2013
  • Presence in France and Europe
  • Referenced in most shopping centers in France
  • Décolines is transforming its economic model for more responsibility, respect and sustainability

Décolines undertakes to:

  • A healthy and responsible company: to respond to volume requests with an artisanal conscience.
  • Fair and partnership relations as well as fair remuneration: In order to produce with passion, involvement and pride, a craftsman must be able to make a living from his trade.

Pioneers in the supply of responsible ceramics

  • Distributor and creator of environmentally responsible ceramic brands

The ceramics are made from natural or recycled materials, which minimizes the impact on the environment! In the midst of the change, the distributed brands are removing materials that are not organic. For example, plastic is replaced with recycled plastic. The recycled materials used are certified and labeled. The origin of all materials is traced and guaranteed.

  • Support craft manufacturing in Europe

Décolines works with suppliers who share values ​​of environmental responsibility, ethics and respect for people. Décolines maintains strong partnerships with them through brand contracts. For example, the company supports moving production to Europe if it is possible and relevant depending on the raw material supply.

  • Support ancestral know-how

Décolines revisits ancestral and artisanal know-how to highlight them. The industrial processes introduced respect craftsmanship.

  • In progress with ISO 26000 certification

Aiming for certification in social responsibility invites Décolines to initiate changes and translate commitments into concrete actions. Certification must be achieved in 2025. From 2021, Décolines will structure its business with this goal in mind.

A team of trendsetters to anticipate tomorrow’s consumption

Décolines’ design studios and research center analyze and identify future trends. This is how ceramic collections are organized.

  • Determination of future trends: collection of information, trend analysis, survey of customer sentiments, etc.
  • Surrounded by experts in terracotta and plants, a collection plan is created for at least 12 months: colors, colors, shapes.
  • Determine which implementations work.

Collections that consumers expect

Décolines supports its customers in promoting ceramic brands in their stores. It is important for Décoline’s customers to refer to ceramics that consumers demand.

About Decolines:

Décolines offers on the French market a selection of ceramics according to materials and styles as well as 4 exclusive brands: Papot’s (waterproof pots made of cardboard and recycled paper for the interior) – Classimento (high resistance pots and buckets in fiber cement) – Ecopots (sustainable pots made of recycled material) and Tierra Viva Natural. Distribution throughout France from Drôme. Orders possible online in the area reserved for professionals.

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