Deodorants: here are the 4 ingredients to avoid

Putting on deodorant is a reflex for many people in the morning, but often we forget to look at the ingredient list. But some can be harmful to the body.

Armpit sweat is a natural and essential phenomenon, but sometimes the sweat smells. To combat this, deodorant is a good ally, provided you choose it carefully and pay attention to the composition. Here are the substances you should avoid.

The alcohol

Used for its antiseptic properties, alcohol has a strong drying power, which can cause redness, irritation and other skin irritations under the arms.


Also be aware of the presence of parabens. These chemical preservatives are suspected of disrupting the endocrine system and can be allergenic and irritating.

aluminum salt

Also on the list of ingredients to avoid is aluminum salt. This substance helps tighten the pores and therefore regulates sweating. However, it is suspected of promoting breast cancer.

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We can also mention triclosan, a controversial antibacterial agent. It could have harmful effects on the intestines and it would cause resistance to certain antibiotics.

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