discover in video the interface that makes iPadOS tremble

Google has announced its return to the tablet market in 2023. Its next tablet, the “Pixel Tablet” is currently just a picture. But our colleagues from 9to5Google had fun imagining the tablet’s interface based on the latest software innovations launched by Google to prepare for the arrival of its new product.

After leaving the tablet market in 2019, Google decided to return to it. The American giant has not produced any slate under Android since the Pixel C in 2015. The brand also launched the Pixel Slate under Chrome OS in 2018, before throwing in the towel on this format. But the success of Pixel smartphones has probably changed the mind of Google, which has new ambitions in a market dominated by Apple and Samsung.

A Google Pixel tablet for 2023

It was in May 2022, during the last Google I/O conference, that the company unveiled its future products. It was on this occasion that the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet were mentioned. With the first three products now available, all eyes are logically on the tablet.

We currently know little about it, except that it will rest on a dock and that Android will now better support large screens (in time). Further proof that the Mountain View giant is finally taking the subject seriously. We also know that the tablet will be powered by an internal processor like the Google Tensor 2 found on the Pixel 7.

A promising interface

Google is actively working behind the scenes to bring Android to the tablet. It is now possible to get a glimpse of it thanks to the beta versions of Android (12L and 13), as well as adjustments to Google applications to take advantage of large screen diagonals. The latest Android beta (Android 12 QPR2) is expected to be released stable in March 2023, in time for the next Google I/O conference, which is expected to take place in the month of May.

This means that the interface available today in beta is close to the one we should see during the official launch of the Google Pixel Tablet. That was enough for the team 9to5Google to adapt the current interface and force certain functions of Android applications to preview the future interface on tablets. The video you are about to watch should be taken with a grain of salt as it is not official.

We start logically with the website where we find the watch. The latter can be moved to the left to make room for notifications. At the bottom of the screen there is the Google search bar as well as applications with very refined icons. The interface also gives pride of place to widgets, which of course can be moved and resized.

The ability to quickly switch between users from the top right corner of the interface suggests family use of the tablet. As on a smartphone, an upward gesture shows all the applications. The notification panel is split in two with shortcuts on one side and notifications on the other.

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The screen to the left of the home screen shows several lines below each other. Each of them suggests content by category: “From your apps”, “on the Internet”, “popular movies”etc. Google naturally exploits this interface to promote its services.

We also get a glimpse of what the multitasking experience might look like. In the video, a long press on an icon allows you to switch the split screen application to the right or left. You then have to select the other application which will be displayed next to it. The place they occupy on the screen can be resized with a gesture.

Finally, switching from one application to another is just like on a smartphone, except a dock can appear on top for quick access to the applications you use the most, such as iPadOS. A promising interface which is just an example of what Google can offer on its future Android tablet.



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