Discovery of the mint and the M3.Games Scholarship

Known as M3, the M3.Games platform uses blockchain to make the video game industry more inclusive. It is a meeting point between traditional video games and NFTs. It offers blockchain-based games for all types of players, whether beginners or professionals. Thanks to its avant-garde positioning, it contributes greatly to the evolution of the gaming sector.

The M3.Games platform offers two versions of games that interact within its ecosystem. These are the Freemium version and the NFT version. M3 uses the blockchain to offer an NFT HTML 5 game mechanism for the Freemium version. This system allows users to have access to the platform to play new games, without having to go through the App Store or the Play Store.

A few weeks ago, we told you the deployment of M3.Games. But that’s not all, because there is still a lot to discover on this platform which has a multitude of potentialities. It’s time to discover the mint and the M3 Scholarship!

M3.Games: a variety of tournaments for all levels

In our last article on M3, we talked about the four tournaments available in real time on the platform. M3.Games gives players the opportunity to enjoy an enriching gaming universe available 24 hours a day.

Users have the opportunity to participate in a tournament as soon as they have NFT. They must also provide at least 5 M3 tokens. However, from their first fight, they will be able to recover all that they spent to obtain their entry ticket.

In addition, M3 allows all players, beginners as well as professionals, to earn rewards according to the rank obtained. Here is how the rewards are distributed:

The different levels of rewards โ€“ Source: M3

The Scholarship: a chance to become a professional player

Very often, amateur players do not have the necessary resources to access tournaments. However, one of the main objectives of the M3.Games platform is to succeed in democratizing the video game industry. In this context, it has set up a system allowing amateur players to become professionals.

The Scholarship program, which means “stock exchange” in French, was designed to help new players to have the necessary resources to participate in tournaments. It allows any player to use NFTs for free to access tournaments. The only rule of the program is that the player will have to share their winnings with the owners of the NFTs.

NFT owners thus have the possibility of making their assets work, even when they are not connected to M3. By lending their NFTs to other players, they generate income while sleeping or doing other real-life activities.

The M3.Games Scholarship program is therefore beneficial to all parties concerned. On the one hand, it allows any NFT holder to obtain M3 tokens passively. On the other hand, it helps players earn significant income without investing anything upfront.

A wide range of utility NFTs for gamers

On the M3 platform, there are 7 degrees of rarity for each of the NFTs. The lowest rarity is Common and the highest is Unique. here are the different existing degrees :

The different rarities โ€“ Source: M3

The Freemium version limits the maximum number of cards players can keep to 5. It is possible to go from a simple card to a single NFT, but it will be necessary to pay a variable floor price according to the rarity and the level of skills.

The Common, Unusual and Rare NFTs have the particularity of giving access to cumulative founder bonuses. As for the Epic, Legendary, Mythical and Unique NFTs, they offer the possibility of unlocking skills. Note that there are a total of 15 skills available on M3.

The number of skills that can be unlocked is distributed as follows for these 4 NFTs:

  • a skill, for an Epic card,
  • two skills, for Legendary and Mythic cards,
  • three skills, for one Unique card.

With M3, there is no reason to feel frustrated upon discovering a lower rarity NFT in a surprise box. Indeed, Common, Unusual and Rare cards are valued as much as the others. In terms of yield, they yield as much as the other rarity levels, following the Reflection mechanic. In addition, to promote healthy competition during tournaments, there is a limit not to be exceeded on the amount of E-level of the players. Concretely, in beta version, this limit was set at 35.

You should know that each rarity point and each skill confers an E-level penalty of 1, even if each deck is specific to the player. The idea is to make the game as fair as possible. M3 also wants to avoid disadvantaging players with decks with modest skills, compared to those whose decks have more powerful skills.

To participate in tournaments, players are required to strike a balance between all rarities. In this context, players need on average 7 times more Common, Uncommon and Rare cards than others. You should know that even a Common NFT can have a Mythical or Unique background, becoming just as attractive as the others.

A highly anticipated event: the M3 Mint

The Mint of the M3 platform will start on November 4th. Several beta tournaments will be held before the end of the year, offering the opportunity to use all available NFTs, across the entire ecosystem.

In the Free-to-Play version, owners of minted NFTs of Common, Unusual, and Rare rarity will be able to enjoy a number of benefits. In particular, they will be entitled to 4 different bonuses, with random statistics.

For example, they will be able to collect an extra card from each PVE and PVP chest they open in game. In addition, thanks to the Secure Vault mechanism, you can be sure that you will never have a value below the number of M3 tokens accumulated in your NFT.

Operation of the Safety Box โ€“ Source: M3

Additionally, minted NFTs of Epic, Legendary, Mythic, and Unique rarity instantly unlock one of 15 skills with random stats. Collectors have the opportunity to resell them and make instant profits. The chances of having high stats are greater for the first collections.

M3 NFTs will be available on 3 major blockchains: Ethereum, Binance and Polygon. Each blockchain will have 50 NFTs, for a total of 150 NFTs. When the 50 NFTs are minted on a collection, another will open with this time 100 NFTs. Then there will be 200 NFTs to mint, then 400, etc., until you reach the threshold on each platform.

Each time a collection is sold, there is a sharp drop in the drop rates of higher rarity cards. There will also be a drop in card stats after a certain number of collections. This will ensure rarity for early birds.

In addition, each blockchain offers a pack with its own specificities in terms of price, level and utility. It exists :

  • the Founder’s Pack available on the Polygon blockchain in USDT: its NFTs will range from Common to Mythical. The drop rate for a Legendary or Mythic card will be low. The more collections there are, the more the drop rates of a Legendary and a Mythic will decrease. It will take at least 100 USDT to acquire an NFT.
  • the Play-to-Earn Bundle on the Binance blockchain in BUSD: it will display the same odds of rarities as the Founder’s Pack. However, there will be little chance of getting Common, Uncommon and Rare cards. At the same time, the chances of having a Legendary or Mythic card will be strong. The levels of the cards will be determined randomly, but they will be between 1 and 5. Each NFT will cost a minimum of 300 BUSD.
  • the Collector’s Pack on Ethereum in ETH: each Legendary or Mythical NFT will cost at least 0.9 ETH. These NFT rarities will be guaranteed in early collections. Their price is more or less high, because the cards make it possible to obtain a very significant passive income with the Scholarship. Note that cards from future collections will be of lower rarity. So, if you want to have the rarest cards, you have to hurry!

Be aware that on Mint Day, the Scholarship system, NFT drop rates and metadata will be accessible from the medium of M3.

To conclude

The M3 platform offers utility NFTs that allow holders to earn passive income, through the mechanisms of Reflection and Scholarship. These offer a return on investment in 6 to 18 months, depending on the progress of the ecosystem. With all this, M3 is still only at the beginning of its adventure which promises to be exciting. While waiting for the end-of-year ICO, take part in the Mint which begins on November 4th. Remember to play the Free-to-Play version to collect the golden rabbits that you can convert on the day of the launch of the MGR token. Note that M3 is positioned as the precursor of Proof-of-Play games!

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