display technology will change in 2024

Apple has long stuck to LCD screen technologies for its various products, using the latest developments to fine-tune the thickness of the screen’s various layers.

iPhones have been switching to OLED for a few years, and expectations are now for a more general migration for other products. It should be noted that12.9 inch iPad Pro offers a display with backlight mini LED which makes it possible to approach the qualities of OLED, but the rest of the range, including the MacBook, has rather developed in other respects.

The LCD still has a few good years at Apple

Mini-LED was expected on the MacBook Air M2, which ultimately did not happen, but the analyst Ross Youngof the office DSCCkeep thinking thata transition will be in place in 2024.

It would more specifically concern a MacBook Air with a 13-inch panel and the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inches with this famous switch to OLED awaited for several years, but still not realized.

The analyst had suggested some time ago that the new devices will use a dual-layer OLED screen for more brightness while keeping power consumption under control, and with support for ProMotion technology that provides dynamic screen refresh up to 120Hz.

OLED, are you there?

OLED has the advantage over LCD that it does not require backlighting and uses less energy, but it can also be more fragile and more expensive than conventional LCD panels.

Still based on LCD technology, mini-LED is an interesting alternative thanks to finer control (but not as much as OLED) of occasional panel illumination (or local dimming), while avoiding screen burn-in problems that reduces the lifespan of OLED displays.

As for Android smartphones and tablets, the transition to AMOLED screens began a long time ago, and the trend now extends to entry-level models, a sign of the maturity of the technology.

Note that 2024 would also be the year of the presentation of a first product with a folding screen at Apple. If it will probably not be an iPhone, but a larger device, the flexible panel will be of the OLED type. There would therefore be several points of convergence towards OLED for the Cupertino company in just over a year.


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