Do Kwon is said to be in Europe and invites “cops from all over the world” to a conference

While a South Korean media suggests that Do Kwon would be on European soil, the latter spoke on Twitter in order to allow himself some provocations. Thus, the founder of Terra (LUNA) presents himself as a victim of false accusations.

Do Kwon could be in Europe

The hunt for Do Kwon continues after the collapse of Terra (LUNA) and according to South Korean media KBS, this one would be in Europe.

Obviously, this information should be taken with a grain of salt, but the elements reported indicate that the last known destination of the person concerned before the invalidation of his passport was Dubai. It’s from this town that he would have traveled to the European continent.

Apart from these elements, this same report also relays disturbing information concerning the actions of Do Kwon. In effect, this one would have manipulated the LUNA price in the past. Without official communication from the competent authorities, it is difficult to give more details on these rumors, but the fact is that today, Do Kwon is wanted and remains untraceable.

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Daring provocations on Twitter

Whether in Europe or not, the run doesn’t seem to affect Do Kwon’s humor. And for good reason, the latter took the liberty of inviting “cops around the worldat a conference to explain. The founder of Terra even took the provocation further, with a water gun emoji followed by the onomatopoeia “pew-pew» :

Do Kwon then pursues in the same tone :

“For those of you who have been spreading lies at taxpayer expense, you are invited with VIP honors, I will even pay for your airfare. Show off if you dare. »

He also claims that all of this is “political bullshit”. Note however that it does not offer real arguments to support the fact that all that is brought closer to him would be without foundations.

If it is up to the courts to decide whether or not Do Kwon is guilty vis-à-vis all the accusations against him, he is not a priori confident enough to go to court on his own in order to clarify the situation.

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Source: KBS

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