dominated, the Blues spin to the English towards the semi-finals

It is also their fault. Why did they, the football legislators, do it so unpredictably and sometimes unfairly? Why don’t the best always win in the end? Good question. If we could, we would have liked to ask Declan Rice. ” In my opinion, the best team lost tonight.” thus advanced the middle of a battered and dejected English team. Merit in football is a huge debate and mainly concerns the loser. The winner has the result and that’s all he cares about.

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But basically, these Blues had the advantage of beating (2-1) and kicking this World Cup in Qatar from the English, perhaps better than them, this Saturday, December 10. And this is not to downplay achievements. At 35, Hugo Lloris is old enough to have seen Worlds without a French presence (1990 and 1994), and measures the value of qualifying for the semi-finals. “It’s never trivial”, the captain advances to 143 international matches – Lilian Thuram’s record broken. Yes, tricolor football has had too many lean times to sip and refuse to see the value of this team.

In an Al-Bayt stadium built at the gates of the desert and whose lines evoke a giant tent symbolizing the Qataris’ attachment to their nomadic roots, the Blues continued to trace this path that started with doubts filled with suitcases before the start of this tournament, between withdrawals and poor results for the year. In this quarter-final, Didier Deschamps’ players did not master everything and went through a lot of turbulence. Until the end with this free kick from Marcus Rashford, not far from sending all these little people into overtime.

Some may talk about a small miracle, the luck of the champion or the return of the famous “Dédé cat”, a time lost in the streets of Bucharest after the early elimination against Switzerland during the last European Championship, in June 2021. The winners of tonight prefer to see other virtues there, like a team that bends but never breaks. And often ends up giving his opponent a nasty blow. “It is our capacity for resilience, to suffer all together [qui a fait la différence]. Of course we suffered at times. We never let go. There is this unity, this solidarity between us from the start,” sums up midfielder Adrien Rabiot.

Giroud absent and then crucial

A few minutes later, Hugo Lloris, in turn, advanced into the mixed zone with drawn moves, nervous fatigue still able to evoke. “a great fight” and still praising his own solidarity, “strong in the storm”. Him, the first. The Tottenham goalkeeper knows the British press well enough not to take the fact that they present him as his team’s weak point too personally. His six stops are enough for him in response. ” We were solid in the important moments of the match, we hurt them when it was necessary”, Nice thinks.

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