Donald Trump mocked for his NFTs

Donald Trump had an important announcement to make this week. Many expected what the former US president, who wants to run for president again in 2024, had to say: They were not disappointed by the trip.

Donald Trump knows how to get attention. Earlier this week, the former White House tenant revealed on Truth Social, his own social network, that he would make a “ major announcement “. While he is engaged in the race for the 2024 elections, observers awaited the disclosure of the president’s “ticket”, in other words, the name of his vice president if he is re-elected, or even important details of his program. .

Visuals in honor of Donald Trump

Instead, Donald Trump unveiled… collectible NFT cards! There are 45,000 in total, managed from the Polygon blockchain and costing $99 each. This represents a jackpot of $4.45 million and the former US president still has fans as all these NFTs found takers in less than 12 hours according to OpenSea data!

Donald Trump is not the first recipient of this jackpot. In fact, he simply licensed his image and “brand” to NFT INT, the company behind the operation. She assures that this money will not go to finance the election campaign (and besides, neither Donald Trump nor any of his organizations have shares in NFT INT).

But what really amused (or horrified) internet users were the cards themselves. They depict Trump as a superhero, a boxer, an American football coach, a jet pilot, a cosmonaut… A real festival with good taste! In addition, the operation also allowed a few lucky people to win prizes such as a dinner in Miami with Trump, a Zoom call or even a round of golf.

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